Saturday, December 3, 2011

Isreaelites Throw Away gods and Win

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 7

Samuel's Journal

The Ark of the Covenant had been taken to Abinadab's house in Kiriath Jearim. Those from the city appointed Eleazar, Abinadab's son, to guard it. He did his job well. All the Israelites in Kiriath Jearim respected the ark like God wanted them to.

As a result, the people of Israel said they were sorry for not obeying God. They wanted to follow His way and worship Him. It was good news to hear.

I called the Israelites together for instructions. "If you truly want to worship and follow only God this is what you must do: get rid of all other gods including the Ashtoreths and the Baals and all other foreign gods. If you worship only the true God, He will save you from the Philistines.

The Israelites did what I asked. I called all the Israelites together again. "Meet me at Mizpah. There I will talk to the Lord God of Israel for you."

Thousands of people came. They brought water offerings, fasted, and confessed their sins to God. They shouted and cried, "We're sorry, God. We have sinned."

A while later a messenger came to Mizpah. "The Philistines know we're here. They've gathered their army to attack."

The Israelites became afraid. They cried out, "No. God, please protect us. The Philistines are too strong."

I held my hands up for the people to quiet. "God will protect you. Keep confessing your sins and worship only Him." The people obeyed. They cried out to God, "Please save us. We have sinned against you and are sorry."

I offered a sacrifice for them to God and prayed. "Lord God in Heaven, hear the cries of your people and save them. Listen to their confessions and forgive them. Take this sacrifice as an offering to you."

The Philistines came closer. They stood ready to battle. Their swords clanged in the field beyond us. The Israelites continued to cry out to God to save them and to forgive their sins.

As they prayed, a loud thunder rumbled and banged in the sky. The Philistines screamed and cried in fear. They ran around in circles, bumping into each other, crying and screaming about the thunder. The clouds rolled in the sky and the winds swirled. The Philistine army didn't know what to do.

I raised my hands to quiet the Israelites prayers. "God has gone before you. Go and fight the Philistines."

The Israelite army chased the Philistines and won the battle. When they returned, I led them in a thanksgiving celebration to God for helping them conquer the Philistines. We sang and danced in praise to God for saving us.

1. Where was the Ark of God taken?
2. Who guarded the Ark?
3. Did he respect God and the ark?
4. What did he Israelites tell Samuel they wanted to do?
5. What did Samuel tell them to do.
6. What did the messenger report?
7. How did God save the Israelites?


  1. The Ark of God was taken to Abinadab.
    Eleazer, Abinadab's son was to guard it.
    Yes, Eleazer did.
    Leave other idols and go and pray.
    The Philistines are coming.
    God made a loud thunder so they were confused.

    Thank you, Mrs. Vee, for your awesome stories.
    From Mrs. McConnell's fourth and fifth grade class.

  2. Great answers, fourth and fifth graders. nice to have you here today. :)


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