Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sweet Baby Samuel

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 1

From Hannah's Journal

Can you hear my baby? He is sleeping. His little chest rises and falls with each tiny breath. Baby Samuel is a gift from God.

Oh, look. He moved his hand. He opened his fist to let us see his tiny fingers. Excuse me, I must pick him up. 

"Hannah, Hannah, where are you?"

"I'm in here with Baby Samuel."

My husband, Elkanah, peeked around the corner. "It's time to leave for the Temple. Are you ready?"

I hugged my little baby. "Not yet. I can't take Samuel until he can walk. The priest need to be able to take care of him. No, not yet. Baby Samuel needs to stand tall when he appears before the Lord."

Elkanah nodded and pointed his eyebrows down. "Do what you think is best; You can wait until Samuel is able to walk and stand before the Lord. But, remember, you promised you would give him to the Lord."

Baby Samuel stretched then yawned. His little heart beat like raindrops patting against the tent. "Just think, Samuel, some day you will do great things for the Lord." I hugged him close. His soft breath tickled my neck. 

It seemed only days before Samuel could sit. He chewed on his fingers and anything else he could shove in his mouth. Poor baby cried when his teeth broke through his gums. 

Most of the time baby Samuel giggled and explored. He laughed when his older cousins tickled him. Sometimes, while standing at my cooking pot, I'd watch him staring at the other children and wonder what he was thinking. His eyes moved with the children's movements. He seemed to study their moves then try to imitate them. He seemed to care about others around him.

Soon Samuel took a first step then many more. He toddled a few steps and fell, picked himself up and toddled some more. I had to keep any dangerous objects away from him--what a curious little boy.

Feasts and celebrations past. Samuel learned to run after the other children and join in some of their games. He could stand tall and speak words. And the questions! Every wakening second he either asked a question or furrowed his brow as he thought about an answer. 

At this time, God let me know Samuel could go to the Temple to serve him. I packed a few of his things, the needed gifts for the priest and walked with Elkanah to the Temple. 

You might ask, did I feel sad? Did I cry? Well, only as a proud mother would. God gave this little boy to our nation to serve Him. Sure I will miss him, but I also know young Samuel will be here at the Temple serving the Almighty God.

1.  Why did Hannah need to take Samuel to the Temple?
2.  Why did Hannah wait?
3.  Why did Hannah later take Samuel to the Temple?
4.  What promise did Hannah make (hint, read last week's story here. 
5.  What did you learn from today's story?

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  1. Oh, a new story! I love the way you write. You show so much in each character. Your style flows so smoothly.

    Have you had these published? I am a children's writer also, but I'm having a hard time finding Christian publishers for children's stories.


  2. Thank you Yvonne.
    Here are my ingredients: God's Word, Prayer, commentaries, maps, and then step into the persons shoes.
    So nice to have you here.


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