Saturday, November 12, 2011

Samuel's Dream

By Mary Vee
I Samuel 3

From Eli's Journal

The hour was late. I had stayed up to finish a few chores before going to bed, but perhaps I stayed up too late. I thought I would fall asleep while I walked to my room!

My eyes haven't been quite what they use to be when I first served the Lord in the Temple.On my way to my bed I stubbed my toe.Oh, it hurt so much. I held my breath to keep from crying out because I didn't want to wake the others. Needless to say, I went straight to bed.

Little Samuel went to sleep hours ago. Poor kid. He not only did his work but also the work of my disobedient sons. Samuel has never complained, even though he has the right. I prayed a special blessing for the little guy when I checked on him. Sure enough I found him fast asleep. 

I think I fell asleep after my head touched the bed. I'm not certain. But this I know: Samuel woke me. He shook my arm and said something like, "Here I am, you called me." 

How can I call to him if I'm sleeping? 

What a silly kid. I blinked then rubbed my eyes. Maybe I imagined him there, or maybe I was dreaming. The more I blinked the more I saw of the little guy. I yawned then blinked twice more. "Little Samuel, I didn't call you. Go back to bed."

He tipped his head and looked at me like I was crazy. Sometimes I think I am. But not this time. Samuel went back to bed and I went back to sleep. 

I think only one breath of time passed, although it may have been more when the little guy pulled on my arm again. "Here I am, you called me." 

That was the moment I realized I would not be able to sleep much before morning. I took a deep breath and shook my head. "My dear son, Samuel. I did not call you. Please go back to bed."

He scratched his head and yawned. "Yes, Eli." 

Off to bed he went, and off to sleep I hoped to stay--until the sun popped into my window. I think I heard myself snore once before the little guy yanked on my sleeve. "Here I am, you called me."

He stood looking at me, waiting for a response. He smiled like always, ready, willing to do whatever I asked. The lad truly has been a gift from God. 

Yes, exactly. He is a gift from God! That's the answer. God is the one calling him, not me!

"Samuel, I'm going to tell you to go back to bed, but this time, if you hear your name, say, 'Speak Lord, for Your servant hears.'"

His eyes seemed so large and his smile practically went wider than his face. He nodded then ran out of my room.

I closed my eyes and wondered if I would be able to sleep the rest of the night. Sleep Samuel.

1. Who is Eli?
2. Who is Eli's helper?
3.  What did Samuel dream the first time?
4. What did Eli tell Samuel to do?
5. What did Samuel dream the second time?
6. What did Eli tell Samuel to do?
7. What did Samuel dream the third time?
8. What did Eli tell Samuel to do?
9. Do you think Eli will be able to sleep until the sun rises? (hint: come back next time to read the story)


  1. Eli is the priest.
    Eli's helper is Samuel
    He dreamed he thought Eli was calling him.
    He said go back to bed.
    He thought Eli was still calling him.
    Go back to bed.
    Samuel thought Eli was still calling him.
    Eli said say "Here I am."
    We don't think Eli will be able to sleep because he is so excited for Samuel.

    We love and like this story.

    Here I am."

  2. Those answers given on January 20 were from the fourth and fifth grade class of Mrs. McConnell.

    Thank you for your time in writing these stories so children can understand God's Word. We appreciate you Mary Vee!!

  3. Great answers fourth and fifth grade students.
    Thanks for stopping by, today. See you next time:)


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