Saturday, September 3, 2011

Delilah's Evil Plan Part 3

By Mary Vee
Judges 16

From Delilah's Journal

Samson tricked me last night. He said seven bowstrings could make him as weak as any other man.  It didn't work. 

When I showed him how he hurt my feelings he told me what would really bind him. He said, "If they bind me securely with new ropes that have never been used, then I will be as weak as any man."

A messenger stopped by at noon to deliver the new ropes. "The Philistine lord wanted me to remind you to tie these ropes securely. He also wanted to remind you of the eleven hundred pieces of silver you would earn."

I grabbed the ropes from his hands. "I know. I know. I don't need you to nag me."

He growled. "Yeah, well, make sure you do the job right this time."

I closed the door before he could say another word. How dare he speak to me like that?  He was only a messenger.  I grumbled a few more words then went to the kitchen to prepare another of Samson's favorite meals.

Before Samson arrived, the Philistine lords knocked on my door. "Let us in. We'll hide in the same place as we did last night."

"All right. All right. Don't get pushy."I opened the door and let them slip through to the back room.

Shortly after I finished making supper, Samson came to my house. He stopped for a moment, took a deep breath, and closed his eyes. "Yum, I smell the most delicious meal cooking. I'm so hungry I could eat a whole lion."

"Samson. I made this dish just for you." I held the door open for him. "Come in. Your food is ready." 

He finished the first plate I served him then ate three extra helpings. He sat back and patted his stomach. "Excellent. I couldn't eat another bite!" He yawned. "Your--good cooking--makes me sleepy."

I pushed his head back on the chair. "There now. Feel free to take a rest." 

He closed his eyes and snored before he could say another word. A few moments later, I dropped a dish to test him. He slept soundly.  

I pulled the new ropes out from the hiding place and tied them securely around his arms and legs. Next, I pulled on the knots to test their strength. Yup, tight as a drum skin.

I stepped back like I did the last time and shouted, "The Philistines are attacking you, Samson!"

He leaped to his feet and broke the new ropes as if they were thin threads.  Great. Now what?

Anger boiled in my blood. He tricked me again.  How many times would the Philistine lords let me try to bind Samson? How many times could I talk Samson into sleeping after dinner?

I pushed my hands on my hips and squinted. "All you've done is mocked me and told lies. Come on, Samson, tell me the truth. What could bind you?

He smiled at me like I was a little girl having a temper tantrum which only made me angrier.

He set his hands on my shoulders and sighed. "All right, Delilah. If you weave the seven locks of my head into the web of the loom I will become as weak as any man."

Well, did it work? Come back to read what happened next.

1.  What did Delilah want to do?
2.  Why was she bothered in the beginning of today's story?
3.  How did Delilah bind Samson in this story?
4.  What happened?
5.  What new way did Samson tell Delilah to try?
6.  In part one of this story, Samson said, "If they bind me with.." who was he talking about?
7.  In part two of this story, Samson said, "If they bind me with..." who was he talking about this time?
8.  In part three (today's story), what did Samson say different?  Why?

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