Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Samson's Fox Fire

By Mary Vee
Judges 15

Samson's Thoughts

I missed my wife. 

I'd stayed at my father's house until the wheat had been harvested. We finished our work early, which made me glad;  I could finally go see my wife. 

I took a young goat as a gift for her father.  When I arrived, he opened the door and gasped. "Samson, why are you here? I didn't expect to see you again."

I held the goat out toward him. "I want to see my wife. Please accept my gift."

He shook his head. "You can't see her. I let another man marry her while you were gone. Now, Samson, don't be angry. You can marry her younger sister."

I took a deep breath and squinted at him. "You won't let me see my wife? You'll be sorry. This time you Philistines have gone too far."

I set the goat down and stomped away.  Why did I trust the people from this village? God said to conquer the Philistines and with His strength, I will--mark my word. 

The further I walked the more anger boiled in my veins. I slammed my fists together. I need a plan.

In a field not far away, I found foxes hiding in their dens. Immediately a great idea came to me. I could use the foxes to conquer the Philistines! 

 It didn't take long to capture 300 foxes.  

Next, I made one hundred fifty torches. 

I pulled two of the foxes out of the group, turned them back to back, tied a torch between their tails, and lit it. The animals bolted away from me toward the fields. They turned right, then left, trying to escape each other. Everywhere they ran, fires sparked setting the ripe wheat on fire. By the time I released the rest of the foxes, fires blazed from every field destroying all the Philistine crops.

Their grain, shocks, vineyards, and olive groves burned to the ground.

The next day, I went to my wife's home. She and her father had been killed by the Philistines.

Apparently the Philistines thought they could stop me.

Oh, were they wrong.

God gave me strength to conquer them all right. I found the men who took the lives of my wife and her father, killed them--then went home.

I still like visiting the Philistine villages. And yes, I'll visit them again. But not for a few days.

For the next twenty years, God gave me super strength to conquer the Philistines and judge Israel. 


1.  Why did Samson take a gift to his wife's father?
2.  What did his wife's father say?
3.  How did Samson punish the Philistines the first time?
4.  After Samson heard what the Philistines did to his wife and her father, what did he do?
5.  What did God give Samson?  Why?

The Bible says, God appointed Samson to punish other nations.

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  1. To see his wife. And so he let Samson see his wife.
    He said you can't see your wife because I let her marry another.
    He tied up foxes with torches and burned up the crops.
    Samson killed the person that killed his family.
    God gave Samson strength to conquer the Philistines.
    God wanted Samson to conquer the Philistines.

    Answers by fourth and fifth grade class of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Good job, class.
    Let's look at the answer for number 4. Was there only one person?


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