Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samson Outsmarts the Philistines

By Mary Vee

Samson's Thoughts

I'm not sure why I liked to visit Philistine cities. With all the trouble they've given the Israelites you'd think I'd learn to stay away.  But I didn't.  One day I went to Gaza and met Delilah. 

I went to her house for dinner. That night, though, I heard odd rustling sounds outside the window. At first I thought the wind blew bush branches, but then a pshwa, shewee, shewoo noise sounded. Sure seemed like whispering to me. 

Hmmmmmmm. Had to be Philistines. Question was, how many Philistines tried to hide outside that window? I glance at Delilah. She didn't seem to hear the sounds. Odd. That noise was not my imagination. Philistines were outside the window.

A little while later a pshwa, shewee, shewoo noise came from the other side of the house. And a few birds took off from a nearby tree, like something spooked them. The house had to be surrounded by Philistines looking to kill me.

I needed a plan.

Since the men outside hadn't blasted through the door they'd probably planned to attack in the morning. If I left in the middle of the night I could surprise those Philistines with my own plan.

At midnight, I saw Delilah sound asleep then sneaked to the door. Once outside, I glanced around and didn't see anyone. I listened for a moment. Sure enough soldier snores came from all around the house. I was right, they planned to attack me in the morning. Hah, they fell asleep at their post!

I crept through the line of men and walked to the city gate. 

Since the sun had gone down, the city gate had been closed. I pressed my hand on the thick doors and the posts.  At that moment, a brilliant idea popped into my mind. I could pull the door off the hinge and remove the posts. Yes. The Philistines couldn't hold me prisoner.

With God's strength, I yanked the doors off their hinge then set them on the ground. Next I pulled the posts out of their anchors, bar and all.

I hoisted the doors and posts to my shoulders and hiked to the top of the hill which faced Hebron.  So much for the Philistine's sneak plan. Hah.  

1.  Why did Samson go to Gaza?
2.  Who did he meet there?
3.  What happened while he visited a home?
4.  What did Samson do at midnight?
5.  How did Samson get out of the city?
6.  Who gave Samson his strength.

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