Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Delilah's Evil Plan Part 2

By Mary Vee
Judges 16

From Delilah's Journal

Samson went out into my village for the day. 

While he did his errands I sneaked to the house of one of the Philistine lords and told him what Samson said. "If we bind him with seven fresh bowstrings, not yet dried, then he'll become weak like any other man."

The man nodded. "You'll have the bowstrings before noon. Once you've tied him up shout a signal for us to come. We'll hide in your house before he arrives." Then he shut the door.

At noon, a messenger brought the fresh strings. I hid them in the kitchen. Samson arrived at my house at dinner time. I cooked one of his favorite meals. He ate three extra portions then yawned. 

I smoothed his hair to make it flow down the outside of his chair. "Close your eyes and rest, Samson."

He yawned and closed his eyes. Moments later he snored. I made a sound with a dish to test if he slept deeply. He didn't move.  

I pulled the seven fresh bowstrings out from the hiding place and used them to tie him to the chair. When I finished, I tested the strength of my knots.  Perfect!

I stepped back from him and shouted, "The Philistines are attacking you, Samson!"  

He bolted to a standing position snapping the bowstrings like yarn when it touched fire. The strings fell to the floor. 

Samson looked at the floor and laughed. He held his stomach and laughed some more. "My dear, Delilah. You tied me with these little pieces of yarn?" He sat down and laughed again. "Aww, don't cry." 

I didn't know what to do.  What would the Philistine lords do to me?  Tears flowed down my cheeks. I couldn't stop sobbing. "You've mocked me, Samson. How could you lie to me?" I wiped my face with my sleeve but couldn't stop sobbing. "Please, dear Samson, tell me, what could bind you?"

He laughed once more then cleared his throat. "All right, my dear. I'll tell you. If they bind me securely with new ropes that have never been used, then I will become as weak as any other man."

He yawned. "Enough of these games."

When Samson left. the Philistine lords crept out of the house. "Well bring you new ropes at noon tomorrow. Let's hope they work, for your sake."

I closed the door behind them.

Come back to read what happens next.

1. Who is Delilah?
2. Who wanted to hurt Samson?
3. What did the Philistine lords bring to Delilah? Why?
4. Where did the Philistine lords hide? Why?
5. What happened when Delilah shouted, "The Philistines are attacking you, Samson!"
6. What question did Delilah ask when Samson laughed? Why?
7. Why did the Philistines want to hurt Samson?


  1. Samson's girlfriend who was a Philistine.
    The Philistines wanted to hurt Samson
    Bow strings. To capture Samson. She was the closest to get to Samson.
    In the house. To capture Samson.
    He stood up in a fighting position and the strings fell off like in a fire.
    Then what really does make you weak, and she started to cry.
    He burned their crops, they wanted revenge.

    These answers were given by the fourth and fifth grade class of Mrs. McConnell

    My students want to know, what stories are you planning on writing.

  2. Well done, class. Let's hop to the next post to see what happened next.


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