Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scary Dream

By Mary Vee
Judges 7

Purah's Thoughts

My master, Gideon, and I first hid in bushes behind a Midianite's tent while the moon stood over that tree; it now rests behind the terebinth tree.  So far, I've learned they snore really loud!

I don't really care about the bush poking me in the back or bugs crawling over my legs since I've been the one chosen to help spy. How did I get here? This is my last journal. Maybe this is their general's tent. We might hear changes in their battle plan, or the location of his strongest soldiers, or where he plans to attack first. It would be nice, of course, if one of them would wake up and talk; I'm getting cold.


One man's shadow sprang upward. "Wake up! Wake up you fool."

A second shadow rolled to a sitting position. "What? Are you mad?"

The man threw his hand into the air. "No. I had a horrible dream. Listen to this: a loaf of barley bread tumbled into our camp and crashed into a tent.  The tent wobbled then collapsed to the ground." 

The second man leaped to his feet and pressed his hands on the first man's shoulders. "Do you realize what you're saying?"

"We're dead."

The second man nodded. "Only the Israelite, Gideon, and his sword could attack with such force. God will give the victory to the Israelite soldiers."

The two men pulled their hair and tore at their clothes. They pushed through the tent flap and ran throughout the camp to warn others.

Gideon's eyes relaxed. He sighed and whispered, "Thank you Lord for letting me hear this news. You are a great a mighty Lord, Holy, and worthy of praise." He turned to me and tugged on my tunic. "Let's go, Purah. The Lord has work for us."

We sneaked back through slivers of remaining shadows to our camp. Once there, Gideon shouted, "Wake up, men. Get up, now. The Lord will give us the victory over the Midianites tonight!"

Unbelievable. I spied on the enemy. I watched them panic. My master is ready to attack. And I saw everything! Wow! God has blessed the Israelites, His people.

1. Who is Purah?
2. What did he and Gideon hear?
3. What did the news mean?
4. What did Gideon do?
5. The Lord showed his understanding, patience, and willing to help Gideon gain the confidence needed for the battle. How did he do that?
6. How has the Lord helped you?

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