Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Only 48-hour Day

By Mary Vee
Joshua 10

Joshua Thoughts

We'd camped outside Gilgal for some time. My best soldiers asked me when we'd wage another battle nearly every day. I didn't want to move out before I heard from the Lord. 

I suppose I could've led the Israelite army on to the next city as the Lord instructed that day we entered the Promised land. Waiting for a new sign from the Lord seemed like the best choice.

One morning a messenger arrived from Gibeon. He bowed to me and said, "My lord, the king of Gibeon asks the Israelite army to come rescue us. The king of Jerusalem has united five armies to attack our kingdom. Without your help and the help of your God we'll certainly die."

At last, the sign I'd waited for. The messenger didn't realize he'd carried instructions from the Lord. Time to go to battle! I sent the messenger back with word the Israelite army would march that very day.

I gave my men orders to prepare for battle. We left moments later and marched for a day to the Gibeon. At the top of a ridge near the east side of Gibeon, I saw the king of Jerusalem's army attacking the Gibeonites. 

I walked to a meeting place to talk with the Lord and asked, "You sent the messenger, right, Lord?" 

"Yes, Joshua. Move forward tonight. Don't be afraid of the united army. I've delivered them into your hand, not a single man from the united army will survive."

I returned to my men and raised my sword, "Onward!" 

We moved forward and found the united army in our path. With the Lord's help our army crushed the front lines like ants. 

The united army ran away like scared chickens toward the road to Beth Horon. We chased them for a distance and stopped when a dark cloud suddenly formed overhead. Large hail popped down from the sky hitting only the united army's soldiers until they fell to the ground. God was amazing. 

God helped us succeed. More men from the united army fell from God's hail than from our army's swords.

One of the remaining united armies turned toward us to attack. I stood boldly in front of my men and raised my arms to the heavens. "Lord, merciful God, here my cry: we need the sun to stand still over Gibeon; and the moon in the Valley of Aijalon."

We fought the army for hours until we'd conquered the last soldier, yet the sun and moon never moved for a whole day 

My men and I celebrated what God had done for us after the sun set. I wish you could have seen God's victory with hail, but even more, I wish you could have seen the sun and moon stand still for a whole day.  

1. What army attacked the Gibeonites?
2. Why did Joshua help the Gibeonites?
3. Why did the united army run away?
4. What happened to part of the army that ran away?
5. Joshua needed God's help one more time. What did he ask God to do?
6. When you have an impossible problem and need help, what can you do?


  1. Jerusalem soldiers.
    Because that was the sign for the battle for the battle. And they made a treaty, and they needed to keep their promise.
    They were scared. They had heard of God's power.
    They were hit with hail.
    Joshua asked God to keep the sun and moon still for a day so they could win the battle.
    Pray, and read His word, ask God, ask the preacher to help you, when God is inside of it you can defeat anything, sing praises, ask a missionary, ask your missionary teacher, ask the Christian principal.

    Answers by the fourth and fifth grade of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Great answers, class.
    I especially like your #6 answers. :)


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