Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jael's Visitor

By Mary Vee
Judges 4 

Jael's Thoughts

I had most of my chores done for the day. Supper had nearly finished cooking over a fire outside. I expected Heber, my husband to come home soon.

We'd moved to the land of Canaan not long ago.  Heber got into some fight with his family, the Kenites, and decided we should leave. I missed my family, but knew I would find new friends. 

Jabin, king of Canaan didn't seem to mind us living in his land. Heber spoke with him a few times, helped with a few things, and made a peace agreement. We found the land good for crops and pastureland.

I heard Jabin captured the Israelites and made them slaves. This bothered me. I mean, we're family. Their great leader, Moses, married a daughter from one of our Kenite families. I'd seen Jabin's taskmasters beat and scream at the Israelites. It broke my heart.

One of our servants came to me late this morning, "Mistress, the Israelites waged war against Jabin's commander, Sisera and his army this morning."

I gasped. "They did what? Oh, dear, the Lord be with them."

Later another servant delivered an update. "The Lord has fought for the Israelites. They're winning the battle."

"Wonderful news!"  My heart flittered. I couldn't help but think about the battle. If king Jabin and his task masters had been kind to the Israelites maybe the battle wouldn't have been important to me. But he wasn't kind.

I finished preparing the meal then did a few more chores. A servant came to me again. "Mistress, Sisera, the commander for king Jabin wishes to speak with you. He's over there."

I went out to meet him. Sweat poured down his face caking dirt to his skin. His garment had tears and he bled from scrapes. He smacked his lips as if in need of water. "Jael, I need to rest." 

I bowed to him. "Come. I'll give you drink. Don't be afraid."

Sisera followed me into the tent. He fell onto the mat completely exhausted. I grabbed a blanket and draped it over him. He forced his eyes to open. "Please give me some water to drink."

I reached for a jug of milk. "I have something better. It will refresh your thirst and give you strength." 

He drank as a man dying of thirst then said, "Stand at the door and if anyone comes and asks if a man is in here, say, 'No."'

I didn't say anything. I put the jug away and finished cleaning as quietly as possible.

His eyes closed moments later.  Soon he snored.  

I looked at him.This evil man tortured distant family members, the Israelites. He bragged about his strength and power over them. And now, he expected me to hide him in my tent?

I thought for a little while. Then a strange idea came to me.....

Come read what happens next time.

1. Why did Jael and her husband move to Canaan?
2. Who was king?
3. This king captured the ________________ and made them slaves.
4. His commander, ___________ tortured the slaves.
5. God helped the Israelites conquer _______________ army, but ______________ escaped.
6. ______________ wanted to hide in ___________ tent.
7. She gave him _____________ to drink.
8. What did he ask her to do?
9. What do you think her strange idea is?

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