Wednesday, May 4, 2011


By Mary Vee
Joshua 7

Achan's Thoughts

I ran straight into Jericho, like all the other Israelites, through the cloud of dust left from the collapse of the great city walls. In truth, I didn't have a drop of fear. No soldier from Jericho or citizen could harm me; God told Joshua He would give us the city.

I climbed over bricks once mortared together to form the wall until I reached the city streets. Further up the road I found a magnificent home. The arched doorway led to a cedar door finely carved with swirled and lined pictures of fruit, trees, and beasts. 

I pressed with both arms to open the heavy door then peeked inside. Whoever lived there must have fled.  The room before me contained cedar tables set on a marble floor. I wanted to run back to the camp, grab my wife, and bring her back to see this place. 

That's when I remembered Joshua, our commander's, words. He told us the Lord's instructions: all plunder from Jericho belonged to the Lord, since it was the first battle in the Promised Land. Plunder from the rest of the battles will belong to us. 

I could have left the moment I remember Joshua's words. I should have. But my feet moved forward throughout the house on their own.  

In one room I found  a colorful robe neatly draped over a chair.  I brushed my hand over the soft material and found no seams. Fine golden threads filled in spaces between purples, reds, and blues. Never in my life had I seen such a garment. 

I put my arms into the sleeves and wrapped the remaining material around my body. My heart pounded. I wrapped my arms together and closed my eyes.  How I wish my family could see me dressed as royalty.

Noises from other Israelite soldiers grew louder.  I pulled the robe off and folded it tight into a small bundle and hid it under my clothing.  Joshua said anything not taken as an offering to the Lord would be burned. I couldn't let this robe be burned. If God wouldn't use it why couldn't I?  I'll hide the robe in my tent until a day when no one would wonder where it came from.

Yes. I will keep this robe and hide it.

On my way out of the house, I noticed a sack of money and a wedge of gold weighing about fifty shekels.  Imagine what I could buy with this money.  Once I am given my property in the Promised Land I could build my own home with marble floors and cedar doors. I couldn't keep a smile from bursting across my face.

I hid the sack of money and gold wedge under my clothes until I returned to my tent. While my wife made dinner over the fire outside, I dug a hole and safely buried the robe, sack of money and gold wedge then set a chair over the place.  


Now I will be rich and happy. 

1. What did God say the Israelites could take from Jericho?
2. The Bible tells us we should always give the first of our money or things we have to Him as an offering. Why do you think God said the Israelites could not keep anything from Jericho?
3. What two things could be given to God from the city of Jericho?
4. What would be done with everything else in Jericho?
5. What 3 things did Achan find?
6. What did he do with the things?
7. Do you think Achan will be rich and happy? (be sure to read the next story to see what happened next.)

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  1. Absolutely nothing.
    Because God helped them conquer and they should give Him the first 10%.
    Gold and cattle.
    It would be burned.
    Gold wedge, robe, 50 shekels.
    He buried them in a hole and put a chair over it.
    No he will not.

    This is from the fourth and fifth graders of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Well, researched answers, fourth and fifth graders. Well done:)


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