Monday, May 2, 2011

A Spoonful of Courage

By Mary Vee

Gladys Thoughts

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Last week I talked about the scary village and a woman who hid four little girls. You can click here if you missed the story.

My guards stayed close to me for three days while I inspected little girl's feet in Yuan Tsun. They kept their weapons ready to use every moment to keep away the wicked people. I sure was glad.

Instead of sleeping in the inn as I originally planned, I chose to stay in the house of the woman who hid the girls. I didn't want her to bind the girls feet again. I also didn't want the master of the house to come home and beat her or the little girls. Thankfully he never came home those three days. Each night I told the woman about Jesus and His great love for her. "Jesus wants to help and protect you."

I thought about the little girls and the woman each day I visited other homes in Yuan Tsun. How could I help her? How could I show her Jesus loved her?  As I finished unbinding a little girl's feet at the last home, God gave me a wonderful idea. They could come live with me at the inn!

I ran back to her home and told her my idea. "What do you think? Would you like to live at the inn?"

She shook her head. "My master will look for me and beat me."

The poor woman covered her face with her hands and sobbed. I reached my arm around her. "Trust me. God will protect you. Bring the girls to the inn."

She looked up at my face and squinted. "Are you sure you want us to come?"  A smile burst on her face when I nodded. We packed their few belongings and left for the inn.

The girls sang and danced next to the mule.  The woman spent most of the time looking at the ground. She never looked at the beautiful mountains or sang or danced. I couldn't figure out what she was thinking. Why wasn't she happy?

As we walked through the inn gate, all my adopted children ran to us. I introduced the new girls as their sisters. Before I could ask, Ninepence and the other children took the new girls to the play area. Oh the laughter and giggling that rang from the play area filled my heart with joy.

But the woman didn't smile. She wiped a tear then bowed. "When will you take me to prison for the mean way I treated the girls?"

The poor woman. "I won't take you to jail. You are to live here, too!"

Her eyes jumped wide. "Really? I can live here and learn more about Jesus?"

"Yes. I would like for you to live here at the inn with the children and me."

She fell to her knees and thanked me. "I have been a mean person, Ai-weh-dah. Will you teach me to live for Jesus?"

 The next few months we worked hard to pay her old master for the girls and her freedom. Every day she went out to the city to tell women what Jesus did for her. She told Bible stories and shared God's love to everyone she met.

Come back next week to hear how else God showed His love.

Gladys Aylward

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  1. I like how she keeps taking care of children.
    I like how God protects her when she went to the jail and other occasions.
    Jesus is helping her through all her struggles.
    Whenever there is a problem she trusts God.
    She is getting people who have no parents to trust in Jesus and live for God.
    It's amazing how fast the children are learning about God.
    I am so happy they were not beat by their master.

    These comments were given by the fourth, fifth, and sixth grade class of Mrs. McConnell


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