Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gibeons' Deception

By Mary Vee
Joshua 9

A Gibeonite's Thoughts

Distressing word came to our city yesterday. 

A new people group called the Israelites pushed their way across the Jordan River and successfully conquered two important cities. Everyone in our city heard how they marched around the great walls of Jericho for seven days then stood still and shouted with all their might. They probably looked silly. 

But their God told them to march and shout--and that's what they did. Once the Israelites marched the last time around Jericho, their God knocked down the city walls and helped them conquer the city.

Unbelievable. Yet all reports confirmed the information. I must admit, I was afraid. Their God  might conquer all the cities in Canaan including ours!

One morning our king asked for volunteers to carry out a dangerous plan to save our people.  I volunteered right away.  The king chose a handful of us and called the chosen ones to his inner chamber. 

His majesty sat on his throne then called servants to his side. "Bring the needed supplies for these men." They ran to some tables nearby. The king turned to us. "Men, I am sending you on a mission to the Israelite camp. You're to change into these ragged clothes and patched sandals. Old sacks have been set on your donkeys. Take this moldy, dry bread and old mended wineskins with you."

We changed our clothes into the smelly, worn clothes and put on the sandals. I had to stop every few steps to pull the sandals back on my feet as we walked back to the king.

He looked at us and smiled. "Yes. Yes. This is good. I think the plan might work. Now, here is what I want you to do. Go to the Israelites and tell their commander you're ambassadors from a far country and wish to make a treaty."

His plan sounded good. But I thought of a few problems. I stepped forward. "My lord, what if their commander asks for proof? What if he wants to know what country we're from?

He nodded. "Yes, these questions have been considered. Say to him, 'We're your servants from a far country who have heard of your God's power. We packed for a long journey. Look and see the moldy bread.'  Show the commander your old wineskins, moldy bread, worn sandals, and old clothes then say, 'These were new when we left. We have come for peace between you and our country.'

The other men and I looked at each other. This sounded like a good plan and a fun adventure.  Maybe, if the Israelites think only of our sad story and forget to talk with their God during our visit, they'll agree to not conquer our land.

The king's plan would only work if we work hard to fool the Israelites into feeling sorry for us instead of considering what their God wants them to do.  

I turned to the others and smiled. "Let's go."

1.  Who was afraid of the Israelite God?
2.  Why were they afraid?
3.  What did they decide to do?
4.  How could their plan work?
5.  What do you think will happen? 

The story will be continue next time.


  1. The Gibeonites
    They were afraid the Israelites would conquer their city.
    They decided to trick them and dress up like ragged people. from a far away country.
    If they fooled them enough and the Israelites forgot to pray.
    Some of us think they will pray and God will tell them what to do. Some of us think the Israelites will trick the Gibeonites. Some of us think the Israelites will make the treaty.

    These answers are from the fourth and fifth class of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Good answers, fourth and fifth graders. So I wonder, when you read the next story, which group will be right for question number 5. I think I will head over there and see what you said.


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