Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gibeon's Cry for Help

By Mary Vee
Joshua 11

King of Gibeon's Thoughts

Recently I sent soldiers to the Israelite camp to make a treaty.  OK, I admite it, I set up a plan to deceive their leader, but I had to.

Rumors of their powerful God scared me.  I didn't want my city destroyed like Jericho and Ai.

Joshua and the Israelite elders believed the story told by my men and made a peace treaty between our nations. This I expected because my men could tell lies well.

What surprised me was Joshua's decision to honor his treaty after he discovered the lie.  I respect him for keeping his word. I can't say I would've done the same thing. He must be a great leader.

My people became slaves to the Israelites in exchange for our lives. We cut their wood and hauled water for them. They treated us well.

A few days ago a messenger came to my tent. "My lord, I have a message."


"The king of Jerusalem has gathered four other kings and united their armys. He's angry about the treaty and thinks our great fighters will join with the Israelites to wage war against him. His united army left this morning to attack our city."

I never liked the king of Jerusalem.  He was bossy, and couldn't be satisfied unless he'd hurt someone. My army was strong and mighty but they couldn't fight five united armies. We needed help. "Take a message to Joshua, the leader of Israel. Tell him the king of Jerusalem has united four other armies with his and plans to wage an attack on Gibeon. Since we've made peace with him and His God with the treaty, he must protect us."

The messenger returned days later.  "My lord."


"Joshua said he would protect us.  He gathered his military before I left and seemed quite excited to fight this war."

At last, something good would happen. Joshua's army marched toward Gibeon at the same time the king of Jerusalem and the five united armies marched toward us.  I can't imagine Joshua's army could conquer the united army, but maybe Joshua's God will protect us.

Both armies fought a fierce battle, and Joshua's God did the most amazing miracle. You simply must come back next time to read how God of Israel help us, a city that could have been destroyed without a peace treaty.

1. What problem did the king of Gibeon have?
2. Why did the King of Jerusalem want to unite 5 armies?
3. Who did the king of Gibeon ask for help?
4.  Did he agree to help the king of Gibeon? Why?
5. Why did the king of Gibeon think he could ask for help? (hint: what had he done before,  click here  for the answer).


  1. The king of Jerusalem had five units of armies coming for them.Because the iseralites had gotten a bunch of land.Joshua.yes.Because they made a peace tratie.Because they made a treatie. This is one of MRS.Mcconnell's students, Ty.

  2. Nice job, Ty. Good answers.
    Did you notice the typo I had in question 4? LOL. I think I'll go in a fix that.


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