Monday, May 30, 2011

The General's Confession

By Mary Vee

Gladys Aylward's Thoughts

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Last time I wrote about a general who listened to the Bible story I told several lost women and then took me as a prisoner.  You can read the story here.

Once the general asked Jesus into his heart he realized he had a problem.  "How can I tell my men I have asked Jesus into my heart?  They may not respect me any more. Do I have to tell them?"

I waited for a minute before answering.  When he didn't say anything I answered, "I suppose you do, that is, if you truly want to be a Christian."

He puckered his face and folded his arms.  I think he wanted me to change my mind.  

He tapped his foot and looked toward the sky. I wondered what he was thinking.  Would he tell his men, or would he choose to hide his new faith in Jesus?

He sighed then turn toward the door. "Very well, I'll tell my men tomorrow--IF you come with me. I--I may need your help."

He decided to tell his men!  Yeah!

The next day he called his men together. I stood by him, like I promised, ready to help if he needed.

His men stood in silence waiting for him to speak. He took a deep breath, glanced toward me, then back at his men. "Up to this time we've stolen and killed like thieves. We took and never helped." His soldier's nodded and smiled with pride.

The general held my Bible in the air. "Last night I chose to believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior. His words are in this book Jesus Christ says stealing and killing are wrong. I have taken from innocent people and killed them.  From this day forward, I will not steal or kill.  I will obey the words of this Book."

My heart drummed like a crowd cheering.  The general's words spoke true worship for Jesus Christ.

The general handed back my Bible. "Ai-weh-deh, will you find me a Bible of my own?"

I nodded. "I will search until I find one for you."

He smiled then faced his men again. "Who will join me?" His eyes went to each soldier. "You who will promise to obey the words of Jesus Christ follow me."

I practically danced my way back to the inn. The next day I found a Bible to give the general.

Even though the war continued for years, I never heard from the general again. One day the Japanese soldiers invaded Yang Cheng, the next the Chinese came.  Still, I know in my heart, I'll see the general in heaven.

Next Monday I will tell you more.

Until then, God be with you

Gladys Aylward

Photo is of the Crown of empress, with dragon and phoenix design, with pearls and precious stones, Ming Tombs, imperial tombs of China. Courtesy of


  1. Amazing story! Can't wait to read the rest. :O)

  2. Thanks, Diane.
    See you next Monday :)


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