Monday, March 21, 2011

The Prison Riot

by Mary Vee

Glady's Thoughts

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One day as I went about my work, an unexpected servant of the governor came into the courtyard of the inn. He waved a red paper and screamed his message so fast I couldn't understand him.

"Lu-Yung, what is he saying?" Thanks to God, a mission two days journey away sent me Lu-Yung to help. 

"He say a riot has broken out in the men's prison. You are summoned by the governor to help."

"He can't mean me, Lu-Yung. You go. It's a men's prison, so they need a man." Lu-Yung didn't move. "Go on."

He walked with the messenger toward the gate to the inn then ran away. The fat little messenger stomped back inside the court. "You must come now. You summoned by the governor. If you don't you be punished."

How could I resist such a wonderful invitation?  

The messenger led me to the men's prison. Outside the prison gate the governor and several soldiers stood, most likely waiting for me.  

Inside, prisoners screamed at each other. I didn't want to think about what they did to cause the loud banging and clanging.   The governor stepped close to me. "You must go into the prison and make the prisoners stop rioting."

"Me? You want to send a woman into that prison to stop a riot? Send in your soldiers."

He shook his head. "I cannot. The soldiers are afraid. You go to our villages and tell people your God protects you. If your words are true, you will be protected."

If my words were true?  

If I didn't go into the prison, no one would ever listen to me tell Bible stories again.  If I went into the prison, the prisoners could kill me.  I didn't know what to do.  I thought of the night Daniel was thrown into the lion's den for choosing to pray and worship God instead of the king.

The governor pointed to a soldier. "Open the gate."

The soldier pushed the long key into the hole and turned. The door screeched as he opened it far enough for one person. The governor pointed to another soldier. "Show her the way."

I closed my eyes and held my breath. The soldier pushed me through the opening then they closed the door.  A dark hallway of about twenty feet led to the prison courtyard.  Men ran back and forth across the opening, one held an axe. 

The lock chinked behind me.  They actually locked me inside the prison!  Lord, protect me.

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  1. So what happened when she entered the prison? Are you going to write anymore of the story?

  2. Oh, yes, Kathy.
    You can follow the Glady's Aylward stories by clicking on the Missionary Adventure Tab at the top. I've compiled each post from the past there to help readers see what happened before, and after the story they click on.
    Thank you for joining us today.
    Gladys's continued story is posted each Monday, that is until the series is finished. Looks like it may take a while. She had many wonderful adventures.


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