Saturday, March 12, 2011

King Balak Panics

By Mary Vee
Numbers 22: 1-4

King Balak's Thoughts

"My Lord--"

That's all I'd heard night and day, "My Lord, the Israelites have conquered Sihon, king of the Amorites. My Lord, the Israelites have conquered Jazer. My Lord, the Israelites have defeated Og, king of Bashan."  Would it never stop?  My messengers tormented me too much with news of Israelite victories.

I turned my head away. "What, messenger?  Don't tell me--the Israelites have conquered yet another country."

"No, My Lord. They--"

"Good. I couldn't tolerate another message like that." I sat back on my chair and propped my feet up, ready to hear news. Any news that didn't have to do with those Israelites would be good news no matter what it was.  "Tell me, messenger, what have you to report?"

"The Israelites have moved to our border. They're setting camp on the banks of the Jordan across from Jericho."

"They're what?!?" I jump then marched two inches from his face. "We'll just see about that."

"Your chariot is ready, Sire."

I rode out to a high point overlooking the Israelite camp with my general.  "It looks like a bee hive. Word is they've travelled from Egypt.  General, how did they get so powerful walking around the desert?"

"Some say their God destroyed most of Egypt's land and now fights their battles."

I didn't know what to do. We were doomed. "Call the Midianite leaders."

The next day I met with the Midianite and Moabite elders. "These Israelites will destroy both Midian and Moabl. Does any one have a plan?"

One of the elders stroke his beard. "We could call Balaam, the priest and pay him to curse the Israelites."

I had to admit it sounded like a good idea.  No army had won against them, perhaps a curse would solve the problem. "Very well. If there are no other suggestions, we'll send for Balaam. Once he curses the Israelites, we'll march out and defeat them in battle."

The next morning I sent the elders of Moab, from my country, together with the elders of Midian to bring Balaam, the priest.  I couldn't eat most of the time they were gone. Each night and day I feared the Israelites would attach before Balaam would arrive.  He lived 400 miles away. I hope he hurries.

King Balak didn't believe in the one true God. 

1.  Why was King Balak afraid?
2.  What other country did he team up with?
3.  Who did the elders decide could help?
4.  What did they want this person to do?
5.  Do you think their plan will work?

Here is a fun question to think about. I must admit, I don't have the answer at this time. Why did King Balak decide to ask a man who live 400 miles away to help?

This story will continue next time.

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