Wednesday, March 30, 2011

King Balak is NOT Happy

By Mary Vee
Numbers 23:13-26

King Balak's Thoughts

I hired Balaam the priest to come and curse the Israelite people because their God helped them win battles. Yes, I wanted to conquer the Israelites.

I sent officials and the finest princes from Moab to his home in the far north. OK, he wouldn't come the first time. He sent some crazy message about the Lord not giving him permission to curse my Israelite enemies. 

No, I don't worship the Israelite God. I realized Balaam must have wanted greater gifts than I sent the first time. So, I sent much more money with a promise to give other treasured gifts when he finished the job. Ha. As I expected, Balaam came to my palace with the princes.

Naturally, I assumed he would curse the Israelites when he arrived. I took him to a high peak on a mountain and showed him all the people. "Look, Balaam. See all the Israelites. Their God helped them conquer each army they've fought."

I couldn't help but sigh. "Balaam, please, I beg you. Their God will conquer us if you don't curse them."  Do you know what he did? He went off to pray to the Lord, walked back to the mountain peak where I stood, and blessed the Israelites!  My enemy. Balaam the priest blessed them right in front of me.

I rubbed my hands together in frustration then thought of a new idea. "Balaam, come with me to another place. From there you will see a part of the Israelites. If you curse only some of the Israelites I will still give you great gifts. Come with me to see them."

Sweat poured down my face as I waited for his answer.  Boy, was I happy when he agreed to go. I took him to the top of Mount Pisgah and offered the sacrifices he asked me to make, then waited while he walked to a private place again to pray to the Lord.  

The air cooled before he returned. "What did the Lord say to you this time?"

Balaam came near and looked out at the Israelite people. "King Balak, God doesn't lie and He doesn't change His mind. I have been commanded to bless the Israelites. I cannot change what God says to do. He has blessed the Israelites." He said a blessing for my enemies again.

I had my own gods to worship. I couldn't listen to the words of  the Israelite God, nor would I worship Him. "If you can't curse them, then don't bless them.  Saying nothing is better blessing them.

Balaam pointed his eyebrows down and smacked the ground with his staff. "Didn't I tell you I could only speak the words of the Lord? Everything He tells me to say, I must say. The God of the Israelites has blessed them, King Balak."


King Balak will try to the talk Balaam the priest into saying a curse for the Israelites one last time in the next story. What do you think will happen?

King Balak worshipped many other gods. He didn't believe in the one true God who created Heaven and earth like the Israelites. He didn't believe God would send his Son to pay for our sins. 

The Bible says: For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.

1. What did King Balak do wrong?
2. What did he need to do?
3. Who disobeyed King Balak but obeyed God?
4. How did Balaam the priest make King Balak angry?
5. What if someone gave you money or what every you wanted if you would disobey God. What would you do. (Be sure to ask you parents, pastor, or feel free to email me with any questions.) 

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