Wednesday, February 23, 2011


By Mary Vee
Numbers 16:34-40

Eleazar's Thoughts

I'd never seen anything so powerful before in my life. My heart is still pounding. 

The earth split apart right under Korah, Dathan, and Abiram's tents spilling everything into the earth. They vanished. 

Uncle Moses warned Korah and the others not to rebel against God's instructions. I could have told Dad and Uncle Moses they wouldn't listen. Korah had talked behind their backs to the children of Israel for days. Well, you can read more about that by clicking on this link:  Korah fights Moses.

After the earth closed over Korah the whole camp went crazy. They ran away like wild people screaming and crying "The earth is going to swallow us too! Get out of my way!"  I couldn't believe my eyes. They pushed into each other, knocking down children and older people, running into tents and tripping over rocks. If any scout from another country saw what our people did, their army would be sent to conquer us before nightfall.

I stayed by the tabernacle next to Uncle Moses and my dad, you might know him as Aaron the high priest.  The two hundred and fifty men who had joined Korah huddled together near where the earth opened. Since they didn't leave with the rest of the camp, I guess they still wanted to fight my uncle, big mistake.

None of them talked. They didn't seem to know what to do now that Korah had been killed. Dad stood next to Uncle Moses as if they knew something else would happen. They didn't fall to the ground and ask for God to forgive the people. They simply stood there, waiting.

The cloud with the presence of the Lord rolled and rumbled over our heads. This didn't look good.  But, like fools, Korah's followers stood their ground.  You'd think they'd come running to Moses to apologize. But they didn't.  A moment later, lightening flames flew from the cloud straight at the group. Before any of them could change their minds, they disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

Uncle Moses and Dad looked at each other, shook their heads, and sighed. 

I don't understand. When will the children of Israel follow God's instructions? The Lord put Uncle Moses in charge.  End of discussion.

The three of us stood there, alone. The Lord called to my uncle. Dad and I waited to hear the message.  A little later, Uncle Moses walked over to me and put his arm on my shoulder. "Eleazar, the Lord wants you to pick up the censers from the fire and hammer them into plates. Put the plates on top of the altar. The plates will be a reminder to our people not to come near to the Lord to offer incense unless a member of Aaron's family. The plates will also help them remember what happened to Korah and his followers who disobeyed."

I did everything Uncle Moses asked me to do. I wonder if our people have learned who God wants as leader yet.

1. Why did the people run away?
2. Why did the group of men stay?
3. What did God do?
4. Who did God ask to clean up the censers?
5. Who is Eleazer?

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  1. I learned that Korah was really disobedient and didn't follow God. God loves his children and he does not want to destroy them, but if they don't follow him, and are like Korah they will be destroyed or punished.
    I learned in this story that God doesn't like destroying us, but if sometimes we don't listen to Him, He will. When God tells us something, we should listen.


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