Saturday, February 12, 2011

Korah's Rebellion

By Mary Vee
Numbers 16:1-3A

Korah's Thoughts

It wasn't that long ago twelve spies from our camp returned from a scouting mission in the Promised Land. I must admit, the ten who told us about the giants and strong cities convinced me we wouldn't win battles against the Canaanites. No way did I want to go.

The Lord punished the ten spies for making us believe we couldn't take the land.  He rewarded Caleb and Joshua, though. Those two raised their arms and begged us to go into the land. As for me, I didn't want to go into battle knowing I'd be killed. Don't misunderstand, I prided myself on obedience. I should have been rewarded, like Joshua and Caleb. I've done most of what God said.  After all, I was a Levite.

After the ten spies died, I joined a group of men who changed their minds about going to battle for the Promised Land like God asked. We shouted our apology and said we'd go as the Lord commanded.

Moses told us not to go or send any army. He said, "The Lord made His decision. He won't change His mind. If you go, the army will lose." Why did Moses always get to boss us around? We changed our minds and decided to do what the Lord asked. Moses was an old man. He should spend time in prayer and teaching what the Lord instructs and let others lead. Others, like me.

An army decided to go to battle anyway.  Unfortunately Moses' words came true. The army lost.

That doesn't mean that Moses was the only one who could lead the children of Israel. I'm a Levite and Moses' cousin. The Lord chose my tribe to care for the Tabernacle and assist Aaron, the high priest, with his needs. My tribe held an honor other tribes didn't have. I could rule the children of Israel.

When Moses went to the Tabernacle some time later, I gathered two hundred and fifty leaders from our camp. These men held high positions. They joined me at a meeting place far away from the Tabernacle.  "I called you here to discuss Moses and his leadership."

One stood. "He's the Lord's chosen."

"Yes," I said.  "But, has not the Lord chosen all of us? Didn't the Lord choose the children of Israel?"

Another stood. "True, but the Lord chose Moses to be our leader."

"Maybe the Lord chose Moses for a time. He is old now and must be weary. Why couldn't others help lead the people. I am a Levite and a cousin of Moses. What about Dathan and Abiram from the tribe of Reuben? They're willing to help."

The men thought about my words and nodded.

I raised my arms. "Do we really want other nations to see us with an old leader?  They'll gather their armies to attack and turn us into slaves. I refuse to be a slave again. Join with me. I'll lead the children of Israel with the energy the Lord requires."

The men cheered.

The next morning we gathered before Moses. Dathan and Abiram stood with me in the front. "Moses, we'd like to talk to you."

God did not want Korah to lead the people.

1.  Who did God choose to be the leader of the children of Israel?
2.  What did Korah want to do?
3.  What tribe did Korah come from?
4.  What sin did Korah plan to do?
5.  How can we know who God wants us to follow. (if you are unsure of this answer, please ask your pastor or your parents)

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