Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Bad Report

By Mary Vee
Numbers 13: 2-14:3

Joshua's Thoughts

We left our camp nearly forty days ago. Moses sent twelve of us to spy the Promised Land. My wildest dreams couldn't have imagined a land as rich as this.The crops flowed with grains, nuts, and fruits. The cattle feasted on green pastureland. The cities stood strong with traders flowing in and out. 

We'd spied the eastern, northern, western, and southern areas of the land. Caleb and I agreed this land would be a wonderful place to bring our families. Unfortunately, the other ten didn't think the same. They'd complained every night since we saw men as tall as giants walking out of Talmai

Caleb and I sat by ourselves around the campfire on the last night before heading back to our camp. He tossed a stick into the flame. "No matter what we say, they won't change their minds."

"I know."

"They'll give this land a bad report." He threw another stick at the fire. "It makes me mad, Joshua.  Why can't they see what the Lord has given us?"

I stared at the flames for a moment. "I don't know."

He grabbed a few more sticks. "Well, I'm going to give a good report. I don't care what they or anyone else says. This is the land God has for us.  I say we take it."

The next morning we all sneaked down to a vineyard, cut a cluster of grapes, picked some figs and pomegranates, and returned to Moses. We strung the grapes on a pole because of the size. 

A few hours later we returned to our people. Moses and Aaron stood in front of the crowd. "Tell us! What did you see?"

Shaphat stepped forward. "The land truly flows with milk and honey and here is the fruit." The people's eyes grew wide and they cheered.

But Shammua pushed forward. "Listen to me. The people who live in the Promised Land are strong, the cities have strong walls and are very large, and we saw sons of Anak there." 

The cheers stopped. Several cried out. "Giants? Giants live there?"

Caleb climbed on a boulder and raised his hands. "My friends. Quiet. Hear my words. Let's go up at once and take the land. We can overcome these problems."

Nahbi raised his fist. "You must be joking, Caleb. We aren't able to go against those giants. They're stronger and bigger. We're nothing more than grasshoppers. Do you want us to die?"

Some from crowd shouted at Moses. Those who didn't shout wept. They screamed at Moses all night. "Why did you bring us here?" "Why wouldn't you let us die in Egypt?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Didn't they realize this was the land God promised to them? They haven't heard my report, yet.  I've got to do something to change their minds.

Come back next time to see what Joshua does.

1. What report did the ten spies give about the Promised Land? 
2. What report did Caleb give?
3. Who didn't give his report yet?
4. What do you think he will say?
5. If you stood in the crowd and heard the reports, what would you have decided about the Promised Land?

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