Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Tabernacle-pt. 5 Putting the Pieces Together

By Mary Vee
Exodus 40

I met with the Lord soon after Bezalel and the others presented their work for the tabernacle.  He gave his approval and told me how and when to put the pieces together. After hearing the news the Israelites cheered. There hasn't been this much excitement in the camp since we crossed the  Red Sea.

I called some trustworthy men to help me assemble the pieces in the order the Lord commanded. The first instruction God gave: start the first day of the first month of the second year.  Imagine, it's been one year since the Lord helped us escape Egypt, already.

On that first day,  we raised the tabernacle walls, the top reached above my head.  We set the bars, boards, curtains, and pillars into place, and held it together at the sockets.

Once the walls stood firm, we spread a tent over the top then laid skin coverings.  The people watching us cheered when the walls and roof stood firm.  

Next, I put the stone tablets the Lord gave me inside the Ark of the Covenant, pushed poles through the rings to help us carry it, and set the Mercy seat on top. It looked magnificent. Four of us carried the Ark to the place farthest inside the Tabernacle. Before I took a break, I hung the veil over the doorway between the small room with the Ark and the rest of the Tabernacle. I took one last look at the Ark before letting the veil fall into place. This would be a memory I wouldn't forget.

Next, I put the golden table on the north side of the room and set the showbread as the Lord commanded. On the south side I placed the golden lampstand and lit each lamp.  My shadow stretched across the floor and up to the showbread on the other side. I couldn't help myself; I sang a praise to the Lord. 

Time for the last piece of furniture, the golden altar of incense.  I placed the table in front of the veil then lit the incense.  It smelled sweet.  At the doorway between the large room and the outside, I hung a screen as the Lord commanded.

On the outside, we set the altar near the door but left some room for the Laver. Once the altar stood in place, I offered a burnt offering and a grain offering to the Lord.  I put the laver between the altar and the door for Aaron and the other priests to wash before entering the Tabernacle then filled it with water.

Last, we hurried to raise the court walls before the sun set. We took the curtains and hung them in a rectangle around the tabernacle, laver and altar to form a court.  To close off the court we hung a screen at the doorway.  I anointed everything in the tabernacle, the court, and all the priests. 


The tabernacle was finished.

Everyone stood in silence and stared.  Moments later the cloud came down and covered the tabernacle and the glory of the Lord filled the whole place.  Every eye watched in awe. How great is our God.

1.  The children of Israel took seven months to make _______________.
2.  Why did Moses put the Ark of the Covenant in the tabernacle first?
3.  What order did the Lord tell Moses to put the pieces of the tabernacle together?
4.  What happened after Moses put the screen in the doorway of the court?
5.  What would you have done if you would have been in the crowd when the cloud came on the tabernacle?

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