Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tabernacle-pt, 4-Look at What We Made!

By Mary Vee
Exodus 39:32-40:38


Each day of the last seven months I stopped by Bezalel's shop to watch him work. The Lord has truly blessed his mind and hands.  The Ark of the Covenant (you can read his story here) and the other furniture he made had lines and pictures carved in such a way only a gifted artist with years of study could master. And the priestly clothes he made for Aaron and his sons had threads of gold mixed in with other fine threads to form a design worthy of a high ranking official.  Everything he made amazed me.

Late last night, Joshua reported the last project for the tabernacle had been completed. I got up early and instructed my helpers not to let anyone in to see me; I would only meet with Bezalel. Any other problems would have to wait for another time.

Not long after breakfast a crowd of people gathered outside my tent.  I had to laugh because they hushed each other as little children do before giving a wonderful gift.  Before my helpers had a chance to announce them, I stepped out my tent.  Those in the crowd tried not to show their great excitement, but they didn't succeed. They giggled, smiled, and bounced in their sandals.

Bazalel stood in front.  His smile spread wide across his face.  "Moses, we, all of us, wish to present you with the makings of the tabernacle. May our work please the Lord."  He bowed in respect to me then stepped to the side.  One by one the people brought the curtains, boards, bars, pillars, sockets, clasps, coverings, veil, Ark of the Covenant and its poles, Mercy Seat, table, utensils, showbread, golden Lampstand and lamps, oil, golden Altar, sweet incense, screen, bronze altar, grate, laver and base, hangings of the court, cords, pegs, and the priestly garments. Each one gazed at my eyes after presenting their work. My insides burst with happiness.

I could barely breathe. I held each piece presented for the Lord's tabernacle and indeed it had been made as the Lord commanded.  I ran my hand over the carvings and found no slivers. The clothing and curtains had no flaws.  I took a deep breathe and struggle to find words strong enough to reward Bazalel and the other Israelites for their excellent work.

"My people. You have indeed followed the Lord's command in every respect.  You have proven yourselves faithful workers of the great God of Israel." The crowd burst into cheers.  

After their voices calmed somewhat, I raised my hand to speak.  "And now I wish to bless you." They quieted and bowed.  "The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. The Lord give you peace."

Those who worked to make the tabernacle celebrated the rest of the day with song and dance. They certainly deserved it. 

After the problem with the golden calf (you can read that story here) I hoped with all my heart that the people would enjoy this project and put their best into making the tabernacle piece.  I guess they proved me wrong, for they excelled far above my hopes.  I'm so proud of their work and dedication to the Lord's tabernacle.

And now, I shall meet with the Lord to get his approval to start putting the tabernacle together.   

Sure feels good when others like your work, doesn't it?

1. Who lead the Israelite workers to make the tabernacle pieces?
2. Who did they present their work to?
3. What made Moses happy?
4. How had this group of Israelites changed since the golden calf problem?
5. What did you learn?

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