Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Tabernacle-pt. 2-Willing Worker

By Mary Vee

Exodus 36:3-38-31
chosen by God 
and given wisdom and understanding in every kind of workmanship

Last night, I fell asleep the second my head hit  my mat.  It had been a long time since my muscles did a solid days work.  It felt so good.
Aholiab and I planned to get up early this morning to continue setting up the work stations for the Tabernacle.  We need more yarn spun, fabric woven, the furniture, utensils, there's enough work to keep all the willing workers busy for months. 

The Lord blessed many of the people with specific skills. Today, I plan to group the people and finish sorting the offerings from the people.  You should see the piles of threads, skins, metals, why it's unbelievable!  Each morning the people bring more offerings. I barely know what to do with what we have.

I toured the first work stations a little while ago. The workers talked and laughed as they worked.  I haven't seen the people this happy in a long time.

Aholiab and I went over the Lord's directions for making the Tabernacle this morning.  The design is perfect.  God thought of everything!  We have all the supplies, the design will house all the people who come to worship, and it's portable which will allow us to break it down easily for transporting to new locations.

A few of the workers came to me earlier today.  "Bezalel, the people need to stop bringing offerings.  We have more than we need."  

I went with them to Moses to deliver the report. I wish you could have seen Moses' face.  He smiled as wide as the desert and slapped his knee in delight.  He looked toward the sky, nodded, then looked back at us. "Guess I'll have to ask the people to stop bringing offerings for now."

The people sang more at night.  They praised the Lord throughout the day. No one wanted to take a break from their work. What joy filled the camp.

Ten curtains made of fine linen, blue, purple, and scarlet thread with cherubim designed into the fabric had been completed first. Next curtains to go over the top of the tabernacle had been made of goat's hair and others from ram skins. We used acacia for the boards inside the tabernacle.

While the workers spent time making curtains, and cutting the boards, I made the Ark of the Covenant. I formed the box with acacia wood, lined it with pure gold on the inside and out, formed rings of gold and set them on the corners, and formed two acacia rods dipped in pure gold to slide inside the rings.

I spent the most time crafting two cherubims to sit facing each other on the lid.  Their wings reached above them to cover the mercy seat.  Next I made the Table for the Showbread, the Gold Lampstand, the Altar of Incense, the Altar, Bronze Laver, and the Court of the Tabernacle.

I went to bed exhausted each night, and rose excited to work on the tabernacle the next morning. This has been the best time of my life.

God gives all willing workers an opportunity to serve Him...including you and me:)

1.  Who are the two men God chose to lead the project for making the Tabernacle?
2.  Why was Bezalel and many of the people in the camp happy?
3.  What items did Bezalel make by himself? (hint there are 7)
4.  Why did Bezalel go to bed tired each night?
5.  How could you be happy like the children of Israel?


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