Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moses Asks: Who is On the Lord's Side?

By Mary Vee
Exodus 32: 20-35


I couldn't control myself.  The closer I walked to the camp the louder the music and shouting..and the..disrespect. That's it.  Disrespect for God. 

My people, God's chosen people danced for a golden calf!

A few moments ago, I had  thrown to the ground the stone tablets God wrote on and smashed them into powder. My face burned with anger.  There was only one thing to do.

I took their precious golden calf and shoved it into the fire. The people knew better than to complain against me this time. 

Most of the children crawled back toward their tents, the adults didn't know what to do, which seemed fine to me.  They needed to understand their sin. 

Once their idol melted down to a lump, I ground the gold into a fine powder and tossed it into their drinking water.  The next day, I forced everyone from the camp to drink that water.

Aaron told me what happened while I spent time on the mountain.  You can read what he said here:  .  

Even after they drank the water, the people didn't show respect.  They hit each other, said mean things, stole from their neighbors, and, well the list would fill this page. Why didn't Aaron force them to be kind to one another?  Their enemies laugh at them because of the way they act. 

Enough is enough. I won't let them disrespect God any longer.  I stood in the entrance of the camp and said, "Whoever is on the Lord's side--come  to me!"

All the sons of Levi came forward.  I ordered them to go throughout the camp and punish the people. 

The next day, I stood before the people again. "You have committed a great sin. I will go up the mountain to speak with the Lord. Maybe I can ask Him to forgive you."

I left them and walked up the mountain.  Their eyes grew wide as they silently watch me walk toward the mountain. Some of them are afraid.

I practiced what to say to the Lord the whole walk to the top.  I told Him what I saw, even though He already knew, then I asked Him to forgive the people's sin.

The Lord listened patiently then said He would punish those who sinned.  Before I turned to go back down the mountain the Lord told me to lead the people to the next place. He said an His Angel would go before us.

In the next few days those who did not follow the Lord became sick.  Those who obeyed God, did not.

I wish everyone from the camp stood by me to say they were on the Lord's side. I wonder about you, the one reading this story, are you on the Lord's side?

Christmas is in a few days. A good time to remember that Jesus came as a baby to live a perfect life as an example for us and then to take our punishment for our sins. God loves us very much.
This story asks an important question, are you on the Lord's side?
If you answered no, but would like to be on the Lord's side, helpful informtion will be given in the next post (Saturday). Please stop back on Saturday.
If you answered yes, but have questions, you may email me your question at or simply write your question in the comment box.  I will answer you either way.

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