Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Powerful Amalekites

By Mary Vee
Exodus 17:8-13

Today's story is told from Aaron's (Moses' brother) point of view.

Keeping track of a younger brother can be difficult at times.  God asked me to help Moses speak to Pharaoh back when we lived in Egypt, and now I help Moses by telling our people, the children of Israel, what God wants us to do. 

I get tired watching Moses. He gets up early every morning to spend time alone with God, I'm not sure when he's up, but it's before the donkeys bray.  When I stepped outside my tent this morning, I noticed guards speaking with him.  I thought there might be a problem. Maybe he needed my help. "Moses, what's going on?"

"Amalek's army is near. The spies report Amalek is prepared for battle. I've sent for Joshua."

I knew I shouldn't have slept in this morning. 

Joshua arrived a few minutes later. Moses pointed to the other side of the valley, "Amalek has an army prepared for battle. Choose some men for battle. Tomorrow I will stand on the top of that hill over there with the rod of God in my hand."

Throughout the day the whole camp chattered about the up coming battle.  We all knew Joshua was the best choice to lead our army, but Amalek's army had tall, mighty warriors. Would we win or would the Amalikites force us to be slaves?

No one slept in the next morning. Joshua marched the army toward the valley while Hur and I walked with Moses to the top of a hill overlooking the valley. We watched for a few minutes as the armies came together.  Our soldiers looked like boys fighting giants. I honestly didn't know what would happen.

Moses gripped his rod and pounded it on the ground. "Our men are falling to those Amelikites already. We need God's help."  He raised his rod into the air like he did the day the Red Sea waters parted.  We looked back at the armies and saw the Amelikites draw back a little.  Our soldiers ran forward and attacked with power.

After a while, Moses's arms grew tired. "God is with us in this battle." He lowered his rod and set it in his lap.  Hur rubbed Moses's shoulders and laughed.  "The Amelikites will never win this battle.  God is fighting for us. Maybe you should rest."  

Moses and I nodded to each other. "God blessed our army."  We scanned the battlefield again expecting to see Joshua and our soldiers winning.  But they weren't.  Moses quickly pushed the rod of God in the air.  "Look, our soldiers are winning! I need to keep the rod of God raised." 

Every time Moses' arms sagged the Joshua and our army lost ground.  I found a rock nearby and rolled it near Moses. "Here, sit down.  That should help."

Moses plopped down on the rock. "My arms are sore, Aaron." Sweat poured down his forehead and his eyes showed his pain.

I ran to his side. "Hur, stand on that side and hold up his arm. I'll stand on this side." We hurried to support Moses' arms and stayed beside him, holding up his arms the entire day. When the sun set, the battle was over. The Amalikites lost..

We climbed down the hill to join the army back at camp.  Our families kindled fires and brought out instruments to celebrate.  I watched the people sing and dance in praise to God and realized what God did for us today. Who are we but a small nation with an untrained army?  Yet God used our soldiers, His chosen prophet, and a rod raised in the air to win a battle. 

We would not have won without God.


  1.  Who attacked the Israelites?
  2.  Who did Moses ask to lead the soldiers?
  3.  Where did Moses go to watch the battle? Who went with him?
  4.  What did God want Moses to do to help the Israelites win?
  5.  Could Moses do this by himself?  If not, who helped?


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