Monday, November 22, 2010

Chris Fabry's Thanksgiving Visit

By Mary Vee

I am thankful for Christian writers. My bookshelves are filled with kid, tween, teen, women, and men's fiction in addition to tons of nonfiction books.  I love reading books!

Christian writers have problems just like us. Today's guest, Chris Fabry wants to tell you about something that happened to him.  Chris Fabry has written many books for kids and teens. I asked him to join us today and share a Thanksgiving momentHe shared this special story:

Please welcome Chris Fabry author of:
Christian teen and kid series

I had a dream to write when I was young, but I had no idea I could actually pay some bills doing it.

Then I met Jerry Jenkins at Moody Bible Institute. He said, “I can help you do this if you want, but it’ll be painful.”

Boy, was it ever. But I learned a lot and eventually Jerry and Dr. Tim LaHaye allowed me to team with them to help write the Left Behind: The Kids series. 40 books in all (I only wrote 36).

Fast forward to this year. My son, Colin, is 10. He has type 1 diabetes. It’s been an uphill health battle for the whole family after exposure to toxic mold.

Colin and his siblings couldn’t read—their eyes were affected by the toxic exposure. I can remember Kaitlyn crying because she couldn’t focus on the words. Now she’s finishing Christy Miller books faster than I can eat a slice of beef jerky.

Colin started reading the Left Behind: The Kids series and got hooked. In that series, Dr. LaHaye gave us one instruction. Make each book contain a believable conversion of a young person so anyone picking it up can see what it means to give your heart to Christ.

Colin came to me after about book three. “I did it, Dad.”

“You did what? Finished another book?”

“No, I prayed and asked Jesus into my heart.”

You can’t imagine the thrill of that, knowing that something we had worked on years ago was still bearing fruit, still having an impact.

I’d love to have a bestseller some day. But I love impacting readers on a heart level no matter if it’s one million or just one. Especially when that one is my own son.

Happy thanksgiving,

Chris Fabry

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  1. That is really great about your son! My husband has worked international Christian schools and each library has the complete set of "Left Behind"...and they are always being checked out! Thanks for taking the time to write them! Huge impact!

  2. Thanks for sharing your comment, MaDonna. I'll make sure Chris Fabry sees it. :)
    My daughter and I love the series as well. She read the books first (she is a scan reader), I read them second, then we chatted about them.
    Great conversations:)


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