Monday, November 1, 2010

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Christian Authors Month

By Mary Vee

I'm thankful for the books Christian authors write.  This month a few of my favorite Christian Authors will be stopping by to say, "Hi" to you.  They'll tell you something they're thankful for.  Stop by each Monday during November to visit with an author.

I am Thankful for Christian Authors
 because they know how to:

Solve a mystery

Paul McCusker, author of Adventure in Odyssey stories and others will join us
November 8-9

Laugh at life

Lori Scott, author of chapter books for young children will join us November 15-16

Go on a wild adventure.

Chris Fabry, author of tween and teen mystery and fantasy series will join us
November 22-23

Takes you to new worlds and beyond.

Bryan Davis author of tween and teenage fantasy books will join us November 29-30

Make mistakes

Hi Mary and kids at God Loves Kids blog!
Thanks for the invite. I'm pretty jammed right now with the release of the new book, "The God Hater." It sounds like you're doing important work and it would be great to connect again when things aren't so crazy.

Again, thanks for thinking of me . . . and the Lord bless your ministry bunches!

              Bill Myers 


  1. I like to read a lot. Expecially the Wally McDoogle books. They are cool and fun to read. I am going to find the Minions of Time. It looks pretty good too.
    PS. So does Raising Dragons!

    Ashlyn P.

  2. I like the Wally McDoogle books, too. They're hilarious! Let me know what you think about the Minions of Time.
    I definitely recommend Raising Dragons, couldn't put it down until I finished:)


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