Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tenth Plague-Pharaoh Surrenders

By Mary Vee
Ex 12:29-37

Aaron drummed his fingers on the table.  He held back a yawn. "Must be near midnight."

Moses took a sip of water. "I think we'll hear from Pharaoh soon." He leaned back and closed his eyes. "I'm sleepy and excited all at the same time. So much has happened--The ten plagues; dealing with Pharaoh; reassuring our people, it's been a long journey.  And we've only begun."

"Moses, do you think the death angel will kill first-born Israelites?"

"God's instructions were clear.  He said to get a perfect lamb, paint the blood on the door post, stay inside, cook the meat over fire, eat the meal and wait.  They all knew what to do."

Aaron sighed. "Will Pharaoh let us go?"

Moses nodded. "God said he would.  Tomorrow we'll leave this place, I'm sure."

A few moments later, four guards shoved the front door open. "Pharaoh calls for you. Let's go." The guards grabbed Moses and Aaron, pressing them out of the house. No one said a word. The guards grumbled to each other, "You've gone too far this time, Moses.  Wait 'til Pharaoh deal with you." The guards hurried Moses and Aaron to the council chamber.

Pharaoh glanced at them then lowered his head and moaned. He remained silent for a moment. Then groaned for his deep loss. "My son, my son is dead."  

He shook his head then swiped a tear. His voice crackled. "Go away from my people, both you and the children of Israel."  His chest raised with a sob. He pressed his fists against his chest and moaned again.  "Serve the Lord as you have said.  Take your flocks and herds and be gone, and bless me also."

The chamber remained silent. After a few moments, Pharaoh raised his hand to signal the guards.  One reached out and shoved Moses.  "The sooner you and your people leave, the better." 

Another guard growled. "If they don't leave soon we'll all be dead." He turned to Moses. "Hurry up, get moving."

Moses couln't keep up with the pace the guards set.  He stumbled a few times before finding his balance. A crowd of Hebrews gathered outside their housing to greet Moses and Aaron.  They stood silent until the guards left. "Is this the time we leave?"

Moses smiled and nodded. "Yes! Take your unleavened dough the silver, gold, and clothing given to you from the Egyptians and prepare to leave at once."

The old and young people hugged each other and laughed.  "We're leaving. We're free, at last!" The sun rose higher in the eastern sky, showing them the way.  The people played tamborines and other instruments, sang praises to God and danced for joy while leaving the only life they knew to find the land God promised.

1. What made Pharaoh decide to let the children of Israel go?
2. What happened to the first born children in Egypt.  Why?
3. What did the Egyptians given to the children of Israel?
4. Unleaven dough doesn't have yeast. Yeast makes bread tall and fluffy. Without yearst bread looks like a pancake or cracker.  Why did the people take unleavened dough with them?


  1. You know what I really like about your go verse-by-verse. I'm amazed at how unusual that is. We are teaching Joseph right now on Sunday mornings (my husband and I teach the preschool class).

  2. This is one of my favorite studies. there are so many analogies and types that have come from the Israelites passage.

  3. Welcome Julia.
    The verse by verse approach has taught me many components I had never noticed before. There's always something new to learn in God's Word:)
    Working with preschoolers must be very entertaining. Those little ones are creative:)

  4. T. Anne,
    I agree. Even the same individual can do a fresh study and discover something amazing. This time, I noticed differences in the plagues....other than the plague itself, of course:)


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