Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sixth Plague

By Mary Vee
Exodus 9:8-12

Moses came back to the house early.  Aaron looked up from his work surprised.  "Didn't the Lord speak to you this evening?"

"Yes. He wants you to join me tonight."

"Me?" Aaron rubbed his dusty hands on his clothes.  "I--wait--are you sure?"

"Yes. Follow me, I'll take you there." Moses turned to walk out the door. 

Aaron set his project aside and ran after Moses.  "What's going on.  Is this the time?  Will Pharaoh finally let the children of Israel leave?"

Moses laughed at his brother.  "Slow down.  Why do you think I know the answers to these questions?"

"Well, the Lord speaks to you.  I guess I thought He'd tell you when the time is right for us to leave."

Moses nodded.  "Perhaps He will tell me--but He hasn't yet."

The brothers hurried to the place where Moses spent time with God.  Moses whispered to his brother, "Take your sandles off."

Both brothers removed their shoes. The waited for the Lord to speak to them.  "Moses, Aaron, take handfuls of ashes from a furnace and let Moses scatter it toward the sky while Pharaoh is watching you.  As you throw it in the air, the ashes will become a fine dust in all of Egypt and will cause boils on the skin of the Egyptians and every animal."

Moses turned to Aaron, "We can go now. We have our instructions."  Aaron slipped his sandles back on and joined Moses for the walk back home.

The next day the brothers stood before Pharaoh in his chamber.  Pharaoh rolled his eyes.  "Why do I let you torment me day after day, Moses?  Each time you visit you bring the same message, "Let my people go--let my people go"--blah, blah, blah.  I do not wish to hear you say it again. Leave me."

Aaron bowed in respect and cleared his throat. Pharaoh raised his hand toward Aaron. "Don't think of saying that message to me."

Aaron nodded. "I will do as you say, Pharaoh.  Moses is going to show you something."

Pharaoh squinted toward Moses.  "What?"

Moses opened his hands to let Pharaoh see the ashes.  He tossed every speck in the air, as God said.  The specks flew high above the people's head and out toward the citizens throughout the city. 

The people in Pharaoh's chamber cheereed at  the amazing trick until deep sores burst on their skin.  They rubbed the sores and cried out, "Pharaoh save us!"

Pharaoh, rubbed the sores on his own body.  "Magicians. I command you to perform this trick."

The magicians fell to the floor.  "We cannot, oh Pharaoh." They looked at each other and cried. "We cannot stay any longer."  The magicians forced themselves to creep out of the chamber.

Pharaoh rubbed his sores.  "You magicians will pay for your disrespect."  He whipped around to face Moses and Aaron.  "No! I will not let the children of Israel go."

Aaron and Moses walked to the door without a guard.  Every Egyptian they passed cried out, "The boils hurt!"


1.  Why does Pharaoh want the children of Israel to stay as his slaves?
2.  Name the first five plagues. (you may look at past stories)
3.  What did God ask Moses to throw into the air?
4.  Who did the Egyptian people ask to save them.  Who is the only one who could really save them?

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