Saturday, October 16, 2010

God Can Save You-Passover

By Mary Vee
Exodus 11:1-28

Moses called a meeting of all the Israelites.  The people gathered after supper in a large open space.  Moses climbed up on a rock to help everyone see him. 

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When the crowd hushed, Moses smiled.  "Our time has come.  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has spoken instructions for us."

The Hebrew people cheered.  Moses raised his hands. "Hear me.  God instructs every man and woman to ask the Egyptians for articles of silver and gold. Do this tomorrow then return for more instructions.

The next evening, after supper, the people gathered and shared their stories from the day. "I did as Moses said.  The Egyptian woman gave me all this gold and silver--look!" 

Other's chimed in about their experiences. "Pharaoh's servants said you are a great man, Moses.  So many of the Egyptians spoke of your greatness."

Moses raised his hands to quiet the people. "Here is your next instruction: each household is to take a lamb big enough to feed those in the home. If your household is too small, share with your neighbor. The lamb is to be a yearling male without blemish. Paint the doorpost of your home with the blood of the lamb then cook the meat over fire.  No one is to leave your home. At midnight the Lord will pass over the land of Egypt and will strike the firstborn dead in every home where the door post has not been painted with the blood of a lamb. Be ready, for the Lord will tell us to leave."

The people bowed their heads and worshiped the Lord then left to obey God's instructions.

Aaron and Moses walked side by side back to their home.  "Tonight's the night, Moses?  We're finally leaving this place?"

"Yes. The Lord said we'll leave after this next plague."

They joined the other Hebrew families choosing a male lamb without blemish.  Aaron pointed to a lamb. "I think this one will do, it's a male yearling about the right size for our family, and I don't see any blemishes."  After Aaron chose the lamb, he and Moses took it to their home for dinner. 

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Women in the neighborhood called their children to help prepare the meal inside the homes. Men painted the doorposts by dipping a bunch of hyssop into the blood.  The men nodded to their neighbors, wished them peace then went in their own homes. 

Each family gathered around their table for the special supper.  After the meal they talked about what might happen the next day and sang songs.  Not long after, the children went to bed while the adults prepared to leave.

Aaron sat quietly and listened.    "Is it midnight?"
"Soon. I expect Pharaoh will call for us yet tonight." 

"What will our new home be like?"

Moses smiled.  "We will harvest our crops and have plenty to feed our animals.  We will live in our own homes and worship the Lord in freedom."

Aaron leaned on his staff. "What if some Egyptians took a perfect yearling lamb, cooked it over fire and painted their doorposts with the blood.  Do you think God would save them?"

Moses nodded.  "God is just.  He gave Pharaoh many chances before hardening his heart."

"I suppose we'll find out tonight if any did."


1.  What was Aaron and Moses waiting to happen?
2.  What name did God give this special night?
3.  Why did God ask the Israelites to eat this special meal on this night?
4.  What kind of lamb did the families have to get?

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