Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Tip #5--An Interview with B. A. C. Pack

By Mary Vee

Last week a TV reporter named Alice Ask-a-lot decided to take her cameraman and microphone to a local school to interview students.  "Be on the look out for an interesting idea."  She glanced to her left and noticed a boy lugging a heavy backpack into the school. 

"Role the camera and follow me. I think I found a story."  She ran toward the boy. "Ummm excuse me, I'm Alice Ask-a-lot from Q2 TV, could I ask--"

"Am I on TV?"

Miss Ask-a-lot held the microphone closer to the boy. "You might be.  Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Sure, awesome." 

"First question. What is your name?"

"Benjamin Adam Charles Pack, but every one calles me Bac."

"OK, Bac, I see you have a heavy backpack. Does it hurt your shoulders to carry it?"

"No. Not at all.  I got a new one this year.  See these pads, they fit on my shoulders. My shoulders are fine." Bac let his arms slide out of the straps then swung the backpack to the front.

"Looks like you bag is heavy today.  Do you have a lot of homework?"

Bac slid the zipper then pulled the opening wide.  " Last night I did.  I'm careful to set my heaviest books on the side that goes near my back on days like this.  Next I put medium and light weight things like spirals, and stuff."

Miss Ask-a-lot motioned to the camera person to zoom in on the backpack.  "But doesn't your back hurt from carrying such a heavy pack?"

"Nope. On days that I need to take home lots of books, I use the strap that buckles around my stomach.  The weight stays close to my back." 

The school bell rang.  "I need to go. Nice to meet you Miss Ask-a-lot."

"Nice to meet you too, Bac Pack.  And there you have it ladies and gentlemen  easy steps to carry a backpack safely--see you next time." 

Miss Ask-a-lot dropped her microphone to her side.  "Well, I didn't expect to do an interview on the safety of backpacks--but I'm glad I did."

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