Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall fun-Match the Leaves Game

By Mary Vee

I actually had a fall tip in mind, but I also wanted to share this game with you.  Because of the time of the year for many of us I decided the game would be best for today.

Fall leaves can be a lot of fun. You can collect them, make crafts, shuffle your feet through them, toss them at others, and smell themBut, do you know which leaf is which?  Test your skills with this game:

Match the leaf to the correct name.

  1. Black Walnut           2. Birch                3. Black Cherry
  4. Oak                         5. Cottonwood      6. Horsechesnut
  7. Maple                      8. Ash                  9. White Poplar
10. Black Willow



How did you do?  Click on the comment button and tell your score.

If you want to check your answers, here is the answer key:

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