Saturday, October 9, 2010

Eighth Plague-food thieves

By Mary Vee
Exodus 10:1-20

Two guards walked with Moses and Aaron down the hall toward Pharaoh's chamber.  One guard stopped while the other opened the door. "Pharaoh, they're here...again."

Pharaoh sighed and turned away from his work. "Send them in."  Moses and Aaron walked to the front of the chamber.  They ignored the whispers from servants standing along the wall.  Pharaoh huffed. "I tire of this game we play, Moses.  What do you want this time?"

Moses bowed. "The Lord God of the Hebrews asks how long will you refuse to humble yourself before Him?  Let the Israelites go that they may serve the Lord, or, if you refuse, tomorrow locusts will come to your territory."

Pharaoh rolled his eyes.  "Locust?"

"Yes, the locust will cover all the ground so that no one will be able to see any dirt. The locust will eat what is left from the hail damage and evey tree that is growing up in the fields. You will find them in your house, your servants houses, and all the houses in Egypt."

Moses and Aaron turned and walked out of the hall. The guard chuckled and stepped quickly to catch up. "Wait, Moses. That is--if you want to leave the palace safely."

The guards left Moses outside the palace then ran back to hear what Pharaoh would say. Two servants stepped forward to speak. "Pharaoh, how long are you going to let that man cause trouble? Let the Israelite men go  to serve the Lord their God.  Egypt cannot withstand another plague!"

Pharaoh rubbed his forehead.  "Fine. Guards, bring Moses back."

One guard slapped the other. "Let's go."  They ran down the hall and out the palace to find Moses and Aaron. "This is crazy. Is Pharaoh going to change his mind?"

"I don't know."  They ran further down the road until they spotted Moses.  "Moses, stop.  Pharaoh wishes to speak with you."

The guards escorted Moses and Aaron back into Pharaoh's chamber.  Pharaoh raised his chin. "I've decided to let you go serve the Lord. Who all will be going with you?"

Moses bowed. "The young and old, our sons and daughters, our flocks and herds that we may hold a feast to the Lord."

Pharaoh squinted his eyes. "The Lord had better be with you the day I let you and your young ones leave, because I will bring evil upon you.  Leave me at once."

A group of guards grabbed Moses and Aaron and threw them out of the chamber. The guards watched as they left the palace grounds.  Moses stretched out his rod over the land of Egypt.  A great wind from the east stirred and blew with such power, forcing the guards to hide inside.  They peeked out the door and saw a cloud of specks growing larger.  "Locusts.  Just as he said.  Locust are coming!"

The wind blew all day and all night bringing millions of locust. Every plant in the fields disappeared from the ground and all the fruit left from the hail vanished.  The servants cried out, "We'll starve."

Pharaoh paced in his chamber.  "Get Moses back here, now."  Once Moses and Aaron appeared in his chamber, Pharaoh took a deep breath. "I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you. Now, please forgive my sin only this once, and ask the Lord your God to take away the locust."

The guards watched Moses walk outside the palace and raise his eyes toward the sky.  Moments later a wind from the west sailed through Egypt scooping up every locust.  Not one was left in the land.

Pharaoh called Moses back. "I've changed my mind.  The Israelites will not go."

Eight plagues.  Pharaoh hasn't learned his lesson yet? 

1. Who asked Pharaoh to listen to Moses and let the Israelite men go to serve the Lord?
2. How did God send the locust?
3. What did the locust do? Why was this a problem?
4. How did God get rid of the locust?
5. When do you think Pharaoh will let the Israelites go?

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