Saturday, September 18, 2010

Second Plague

by Mary Vee
Exodus 8:1-15

Aaron stayed up late waiting for Moses to come back.  As one of the family members snored he noticed the door open.  Aaron held his finger to his lips and motioned Moses to the corner of the house where they usually met.

Aaron leaned close. "What did God say?"

Moses took a sip of water. "He wants us to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let His people go that we may serve Him.  If Pharaoh refuses, we are to tell him that God will send frogs.  The frogs will come out of the river and go into their houses, into their bedrooms, on their beds, in their servant's houses, on the people, in their ovens, and in their bowls."

"Frogs everywhere?"

"Except here."

Aaron smiled. "Lets get some sleep.  Things are going to be hopping around here tomorrow."

The next morning Aaron and Moses got up early and went to the palace.  Pharaoh raised his hand to allow them to approach.  "What do you want this time, Moses?"

Aaron took a step forward. "We bring a message from the Lord.  He says, 'Let my people go that they may serve me. If you refuse, I will God will smite the land with frogs."

Pharaoh shook his head. "I'm not going to let my slaves go, not today, or any other day."

Moses sighed and gave Aaron a signal to go ahead.  Aaron stretched his hand with the rod over the waters of Egypt. As he did frogs leaped out of the water toward the houses.  Thousands of frogs leaped toward the Egyptian homes and into everything.  The people screamed and cried out for the frogs to stop.

Pharaoh called for his magicians.  "Moses made the frogs come out of the water.  What will you do?"

The magicians gathered together. "We will do the same, Pharaoh."

Pharaoh watched the magicians make frogs to come on the land.  Pharaoh laughed.  "Moses has tried to trick me again. But you have shown me I don't need to pay attention to him."

After some time Pharaoh grew tired of the frogs.  He called for Moses.

Moses and Aaron brought the rod with them to hear what Pharaoh had to say.  Pharaoh paced from the window to his chair.  He kicked a frog off of his sandal.  "Shoo!"  He continued toward the window.  A frog jumped from the window edge into Pharaoh's face.  "All right, Moses. Go to the Lord and ask Him to take the frogs away from me and my people. After you do, I will let the people go that they may sacrifice to the Lord."

Moses nodded.  "When would you like me to ask the Lord?"


Aaron waited for a signal from Moses then said, "It will be done as you have asked. This way you will know that there is no one like the Lord our God.  The frogs will leave the land. There will only be frogs in the river."

That night Moses spoke with the Lord about the frogs.  He asked the Lord to remove the frogs.  The next day the frogs in the houses, the courtyards, and the fields died. All of Egypt stank from the dead frogs.

When Pharaoh heard the news, he sent a message to Moses.  "I change my mind.  You will remain as slaves in Egypt."

That night at Moses and Aaron's meeting,  Aaron rolled his eyes. "Let me get this straight, Pharaoh's magicians could make frogs come on the land, but he asked us to go before the Lord to have the frogs removed instead of having his magicians do the job."

"That's right. You and I both know those magicians can't do what only God can do."


I don't think I would have wanted to be in Egypt at this time.  Frog stew, frog soap, frog bread, frog dishes, sandals, and beds--too many frogs!

1. How did God punish Pharaoh?
2. What came out of the river?
3. What did the magicians do?
4. Who did Pharaoh ask for help to make the frogs go away?

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