Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Plague

By Mary Vee
Exodus 7: 14-25

Moses came back to his home late that night.  Aaron waited up for him.  When Moses' shadow drifted by the window, Aaron ran outside.

"Moses, wait. Did God speak with you?"

"Yes, let's go inside where we can talk in private."

Moses closed the door behind him. He held his finger to his mouth.  "Let's not wake anyone."

Aaron nodded.

After settling in a corner of the house away from the family, Aaron whispered, "So, what did He say?"

"He wants us to go to Pharaoh in the morning."

"To the palace?  Will he agree to meet with us after he kicked us out recently?"

"Listen, Aaron. God said to go to the river with the rod which He turned into a serpent. You are to tell Pharaoh to let God's people go that we may serve Him in the wilderness."

Aaron stroke his beard.  "He'll say no."

"I know.  God said he would.  You are to say to Pharaoh these words from God, 'By this you will know that I am Lord.' Then tell him God said he would strike the river waters with the rod in your hand and turn them to blood.  All the fish will die and the river will stink.  The Egyptians won't be able to drink from it."

"Do you think Pharaoh will let us go after that?"

Moses sighed.  "No."

The next morning Aaron and Moses got up early.  They grabbed the rod and walked down to the river.

A servant pointed toward Aaron and Moses.  Pharaoh turned and shook his head.  "Why are you here, Moses?"

Aaron cleared his throat.  "We have a message from God. By this message, you will know that He is Lord.  He will strike the river waters with this rod in my hand and turn them to blood."

Pharaoh laughed.  "You must be kidding me.  Go to your work, both of you."

Moses lifted his rod the hit the waters.  Pharaoh gasped as the droplets turned to blood.  The fish died and the river stank.  Pharaoh jumped back a few steps and stared up stream.  All the water had turned to blood.

News came to Pharaoh throughout the morning. "The ponds, pools, and wells have blood instead of water in them.  Even water in the buckets have turned to blood.  What should we do?"

Pharaoh called for his magicians.  "You have seen what Moses did to our water?  What do you have to say about this?"

"Oh great Pharaoh. Watch as we turn this water which we dug up from the ground into blood."

Pharaoh nodded.  "Just as I thought. Moses is playing a trick on me."

Seven nights later Aaron met for their nightly talk. "Moses, how long will God keep blood flowing downstream?"

"I don't know. Perhaps God will speak to me tomorrow with the next instructions.  In the mean time, we wait patiently."

"If Pharaoh's magician's turned the water into blood, why didn't he ask them to turn all the blood back into water."

"Maybe he did ask.  The point is--they couldn't, my dear brother, they are not God."

"Moses." Aaron leaned closer and whispered softer.  "I've never lived anywhere but here.  What is it like?"

Moses smiled. "Peaceful."

The first plague that God strikes Egypt with is turning the water into blood.

1. Did the Egyptians go seven days without water to drink?
2. If not, how did they get water?
3. Why didn't Pharaoh believe God did the miracle?
4. Do you think Pharaoh will let God's people go?

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