Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Tip #4--The Pauper

By Mary Vee

The last three weeks we've talked about Super Heroes, Kings, and Princes.  You can click on the word to go back and read any of these stories.

This weeks fall tip takes us to one of the citizen's home in the kingdom.  Can you figure out what the tip is?  Write it in the comment section.

The Pauper
One day a pauper walked along a road.  He hummed a tune along with the birds.  "I have been blessed today.  A family from the hut down the road shared their breakfast with me, a boy shared his lunch, and now I am entertained by the song of birds." 

The pauper's stomach grumbled and growled. "Hush. You have been blessed today.  Don't complain."

A little ways down the road his stomach mumbled and moaned.  "Hush. You have been blessed. Be content."

He took a few more steps, whistling along the way. He didn't know how far he'd travel today. This was a day to notice blessings.  A small flock of birds swooped up from an apple tree down by the curve in the road.  "There. You see, my greedy stomach.  Another blessing. The birds have led us to your supper."

Once at the tree, the pauper realized he'd have to climb to the highest branches to find fruit. He patted his belly.  "You must learn, Stomach, the importance of working for your food."   With those words he pulled himself up from one branch to the next. 

He plucked a bright red apple, sank his teeth deep inside, and savored the tangy flavor.  "Are you happy now, Stomach?"

Moments later a carriage rumbled along the road.  The pauper gazed at the markings on the side and realized the king, himself, was about to pass by.  "Oh, I am so blessed!"  He waved his arm to greet the king.

After the carriage drove by the pauper took the last bite of his apple.  He gazed at the road and noticed the vehicle came to a stop.  Guards leaped to the ground. Then, before his eyes, the king stepped out of the carriage.  "You, Pauper, come down here."

The pauper trembled.  "I fear, Stomach, we have tasted our last meal."  He slipped down the tree, dropped the apple core to the ground, and swiped his face with his sleeve.  A guard stomped over to him and slapped his hat off. 

The pauper lowered his head. "Beggin' your pardon, your Kingship, I was eating my supper and felt honored to have you ride by at the same moment. I couldn't help but wave."

The king walked close to the pauper, sniffed then jumped back.  "Your dinner is one apple?"

The pauper's eyes jumped. "I hardly need more, your kingship.  But sometimes I find a pear, or carrot, or broccoli. The good Lord plants quite a garden! Would you like some dinner?  The best apples are at the top."

The king scanned the apple tree.  His stomach growled loud enough for everyone to hear. "Would you mind sharing your dinner with all of us?"

The pauper smiled. "I'd be delighted, your kingship."  He shimmied up the tree to pick a handful of apples. The guards held out their hands inviting him to toss down their supper. 

The king crunched into an apple and spacked his lips.  "Delicious!"  Once the apple disappeared, he rubbed his stomach.  "I'm not hungry anymore."

"You sound surprised, your kingship." The pauper patted his own stomach.  "The dinner meal should be small and satisfying, it'll help you sleep better."

The king nodded. "I see.  Would you mind if I came for dinner again sometime?"

"My king, I haven't much to give, but what I have I will gladly share with you."

"Because of your kindness, you are invited to my table for breakfast where you shall feast as a king, to my sons' table for lunch where you shall dine on a medium size meal, and then we shall join you for a pauper's dinner."

Three weeks later, the king noticed his son's healthy appearance. They told him he looked healthy too.  "Well, my sons...

I have learned to eat breakfast as a king
to eat lunch as a prince
and to eat dinner as a pauper.

I have learned to share what I have (the pauper taught me this)
and to visit with my people.

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