Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Tip #3 - Princes

By Mary Vee

Today's post is a story with a special message.  Let me know what you think in the comment box.

Once upon a time there were two princes named Fatisimo and Sportsfano. 

Fatisimo like to sit around.  He read books, and played any game that let him sit.  He ate cakes, candies, and bread for every meal, and sneaked some in between.  He snubbed his nose when the servants brought vegetables and fish. "I'm a prince, I don't have to eat stuff I don't like."

Sportsfano played on all the court teams.  He knew how to play baseball, soccer, tennis, to name a few sports.  Everyone want him on their team.  Sportsfano thought he shouldn't have to stop playing to eat a meal.  "I'm too busy right now.  I'll eat later." But he didn't.

One day the king decided to hold a competition to find the greatest citizen in the land.  Competitors would have to answer questions found in books and score high in sports.  The winner would be given their greatest wish.

While chomping on a fresh pastry, Fatisimo read the morning news.  A reporter interviewed ten citizens.  All agreed Fatisimo would win the competition since he read all the time.  The prince smiled and celebrated with a second pastry.

Sportsfano ran across the field to the other goal and back for a warm up that morning.  When he returned both teams cheered, "Sportsfano, soon to be winner of the king's competition."

The day of the competition came.  Three hundred citizens stood in line to register including Prince Fatisimo and Prince Sportsfano.  The competitors moved to the arena to take their numbered places. 

The King rose to give a speech. "Welcome citizens. As you know, only one shall win the prize.  Do your best. Now, let the competition begin."

The first question went to Prince Fatisimo.  "What is a group of birds called?"

Prince Fatisimo suddenly felt sick.  Sweat dripped down his face.  "I don't feel well."

The King ran to his son. "What did you eat today?"

"I only ate four pastries, three pieces of cake, and two pieces of pizza.  I decided to eat a little more to give me energy for the competition."

"My son, didn't you eat any fruits, vegetables or protein?"

"You know I don't like those foods.  Oh, I feel sick. I need to leave."

Later in the competition citizens prepared for a race.  Sportsfano stood next to five other runners. As the official raised his hand, Sportsfano's head throbbed.  Everything moved quickly around him. "I don't feel well."

The King ran to his son. "What did you eat today?"

"Nothings.  I didn't want food to slow me down.  I needed to run fast today."

"My son, didn't you eat any fruits, vegetables or protein?"

"I don't have time to eat food.  I'm too busy.  Oh, I feel sick. I need to leave."

That night the king met with his sons.  "Do you want to know who won the competition today?"

Fatisimo and Sportsfano shrugged then nodded.

"The winner was Nutri."

Last week's story told about a King who learned to eat a large healthy breakfast to start his day.

There is a saying that goes like this:

Eat breakfast as though you were a King or Queen (large healthy meal)
Eat lunch as though you were a Prince or Princess ( medium healthy meal)
and Eat dinner as though....well you need to come back next Monday to find out the rest of the story.

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