Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Tip #2--Kings

By Mary Vee

There once was a king who grew so fat he could barely walk.

"I don't understand," he said to his closest advisor.  "I need to show my wealth to the kingdom and to all who visit. My tablesshows the wealth of our kingdom.  There's plenty of food for all who eat at my table."

The advisor stroked his beard.  "I think I understand your problem.  Nations all around you know you're powerful and wealthy because you've shown them.  Citizens in the kingdom know you're to be honored and respected because you've shown them--"

"Yes, I've told you all of this!"  The king waddled to his throne.  "When are you going to give your advise?"

"I suggest, my liege, prudence."

"Prudence?  I can't display my wealth if I show a little at a time."

The advisor stepped back. "You've already shown your wealth. Now you must show your strength and leadership by eating as a wealthy king for breakfast only then by eating smaller amounts during other meals."

The king grunted. "I'll starve."

"My liege, I suggest you try this method for ten days."

"Ten days?  Perhaps I can do this for ten days. But not a day longer."

So the king ate his usual feast for breakfast every morning.  The remaining meals he ate smaller portions.  At the end of the ten days he called for his advisor. 

"Look!  My clothes aren't squeezing me to death.  I think I might hold a dance tonight and invite all the kingdom.  There I will declare large meals should only be eaten for breakfast."


Health studies have shown that the biggest meal of the day should be breakfast.  Take the time to have a healthy breakfast each morning before going to school or work.


  1. Thank you for your story. It is a great story. We think eating breakfast is a good idea too.

    Kindergarten class of Mrs. McConnell

  2. Welcome Mrs. McConnell's Kindergarten class.
    So glad you stopped by:)
    What did you have for breakfast today?


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