Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Tip #1--Super Heroes

By Mary Vee

I think deep down we all like
 super heroes.  

Can you guess who these super heroes are?

1. God gave this man super strength.

2. God helped this young slave girl become a queen and save an entire nation.

3. God gave this man the knowledge to build a boat strong enough to survive the world's greatest flood.

4. God gave this man strength to survive the bite of a poisonous snake.

5. God helped this man walk on water.

6. God helped this man to survive when he was trapped in a den of lions.

7. God helped these three men survive a mighty fire that killed all the brave and strong soldiers standing nearby.

The answers are at the bottom of this post :)

None of the people listed above could have done what they did without God's help.  If we want to do super things, we need to trust in God and be willing to obey Him.  The Bible says God searches the face of the earth looking for those who will follow Him. He searched and found Noah, Job, and many others.  Men, women, boys, and girls like them have had the chance to do super things.  You don't think so?  Well, let's try to name some...

Men:  Gideon, shy, afraid, but willingly obeyed God and led his tiny army of 300 men against thousands of Midianites.

Women: Deborah, used by God to be a judge of Israel. She helped lead the Israelites in a mighty battle.

Boys: Young Samuel who help Eli in the temple. He grew up to be a great prophet. Boy kings Josiah and Joash who were both only eight years old.

Girls: the Hebrew slave girl who saved her master, General Naaman.  The general had leprosy.  She told General Naaman to go to the Hebrew prophet Elisha. She said this prophet could ask God to cure him of his leprosy, and, because of God, he did. Without her help, the General would have died.

There are many other superheroes in the Bible.

How can you be a super hero?

1.  Read your Bible every single day.  The more you know about God, the better you can obey Him.
2.  Pray to God every single day.  Daniel prayed to God even when he was taken as a slave to another country.  God rewarded Daniel by letting him help the King.  Everyone knows Daniel prayed every single day.  Don't be shy.
3.  Obey God's Word.  Sure it's hard.  You will make mistakes.  That's OK.  Ask God to forgive you and try again.

You can be a super hero--for Jesus!  Go for it:)


1.  Samson
2.  Esther
3.  Noah
4.  Paul
5.  Peter
6.  Daniel
7.  Shadrach, Meshach,  and Abednego

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