Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Tip #9 Make a Vacation in a City

Taking a vacation in you own city can 
sometimes be difficult.  
This week, to do something different, 
pretend you live in a different kind of city. 

What if you lived in a large, busy city like New York City?  Would your backyard look different? 

What if you lived in a medium size city, like Billings, Montana?  Would your backyard be bigger?

What if you live in a farming city, like Chase, Kansas?  Would your backyard have small animals and fields nearby?

What if you lived in a tiny city, like Drummond Island, Michigan where there is only one traffic light and children have to ride a ferry to the mainland to go to school? Would your backyard have a shore?

Here is how you can have a vacation 
in another city while staying 
in your backyard:

1.  Pick a type of city you would like to pretend your backyard is in for one week. 

2.  Create tall buildings around your yard; mountains in the distance; lakeshore sands, animals, desert plants, whatever would normally be in the type of city you chose. Use objects you have at your home.

3.  People from different cities might speak differently, dress differently, or play different games.  A kid who lives near a creak likes to hunt for crawdads.  What would a kid like to do who lives on a ranch or the city you chose? Use things you have to try to dress like and speak like kids from the place you chose.

Have fun playing in a different city this week!

Tell us what city you chose and what fun you had in the comment section.


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