Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Tip #8 Make a Vacation Part 2

By Mary Vee

Take a Vacation in Your State

Last week’s post gave ideas how to take a vacation in another country while staying in your own backyard.  This week let’s talk about taking a vacation in your state, province, territory, commonwealth, or governorate.  For space in this post, I will use the word state for all these words: state, province, territory, commonwealth, or any other similar term.

1.       Pick one special place in your state that you would like to visit.  My state has a national park, mountains, desert, a few lakes and rivers.  I will pick “Old Faithful”. 

2.        Go to the library to find a book or video about the place you chose. You could also ask an adult or friend who has been to the place what it is like.  I have been to “Old Faithful”, but I would like to go again.  You can choose a place you’ve already been to, also.

3.           Make a mini version of the place.  Since I picked “Old Faithful” I need to make a geyser.  A geyser can be messy, so I need to make my mini “Old Faithful” in my backyard. To be safe, I will use safety goggles and a paint shirt.  If you choose a messy project, be sure to let your guardian know before getting your ingredients.


If I lived in the province of Isle de France where the Eiffel Tower is located. I could make a mini Eiffel Tower using blocks, Popsicle sticks, or maybe toothpicks. If you choose toothpicks, be sure to use the round tip ones.  They will stick together easier.


If I lived in the governorate of Cairo where the Pyramids of Giza are. I could make a pyramid shape with cardboard, cover it with glue then sprinkle sand or dirt.  Let the pyramid dry overnight.

4.         Usually when people go on vacations they take pictures or send postcards to friends.  With your guardian’s permission, take a picture of your mini vacation place.  Have someone take a picture of you with your project.  You could email the photo or send copies to family or friends.  If there isn’t a camera available, draw a picture of your project. Be sure to include yourself.  Send copies of your picture of family and friends.

5.          Going on vacation in my own state means I won’t need a passport. 
6.         Going on vacation at my home means I get to sleep in my own bed.

Enjoy your vacation!

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