Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moses Returns to Egypt

By Mary Vee
Exodus 4: 18-27

Every once in a while, the sheep cooperate. 

I had taken them to the other side of the desert to feast on fresh pasture, found a burning bush, heard a voice, which turned out to be God's voice, and led the flock back home.

After closing the gate to the sheep pen, I ran to Jethro to tell him my news.  Even though I married his daughter, Zipporah, he remained the head of the family. 

"Jethro, I need to speak with you."

"Ah, Moses, back so soon from tending the sheep?"

"Yes, well, I have been thinking about the Israelites in Egypt."
"I see. And what have you decided?"

Here came the difficult part.  Will he let me take my sons and his daughter back to Egypt?  "I would like to see whether they are still alive."

He studied my face.  I hated waiting for him to say something, anything--how about one word?

He walked close to me then put his hand on my shoulder. "Go in peace."

"Really?  I can take Zippora and the boys with me?"

"I understand your desires to see your people.  You have given me many years of sincere service.  Now you need to see your family."

That went better than I thought.  Now I get to tell Zipporah the news.


"Yes, my husband."

"I spoke with your father a few moments ago."

"About what?"

"About taking you and the boys to see my family in Egypt. He gave his blessing."

"Moses, I don't understand some of the things you do, but I will do as you wish.  I'll prepare for the journey at once."

That night, God spoke with me again.  He said, "Return to Egypt. Don't be afraid; all the men who tried to kill you have died." He reminded me to do all the wonders he taught me before Pharaoh.  The next day my family and I left our home and set out for Egypt.

Several days later we came to a mountain. I helped set up the camp while Zipporah made supper.  The boys play in the trees until Zipporah called them to eat.  Shortly after I sat at the table I heard rustling leaves off to the left.  I turned and saw a man.  "Who are you?"

"My name is Aaron.  I'm looking for my brother Moses."

"Aaron?  Is it really you?"



Moses must have had a difficult time finding the courage to speak to his father-in-law about going to Egypt.  Do you remember from the last story Moses said he had a problem speaking to others?  We don't know if Moses stuttered, or what his speech problem really was, but we do know he felt awkward about speaking to Pharaoh in Egypt.  God gave him the strength and the words to say to Jethro. 

Is there something you find difficult to do? 
Who could help?
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Why did Moses want to go to Egypt?
Who did Moses take with him to Egypt?
Who did Moses meet on his journey to Egypt?

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