Wednesday, August 11, 2010

God Hears You

By Mary Vee Exodus 2:21-25

Zipporah's father invited Moses to live with them.  He was pleased that Moses worked hard and treated his daughters with kindness.

Moses enjoyed helping with the family chores and playing games with the family.  He especially liked, the oldest sister, Zipporah. One day Moses and Zipporah were married. 

Living away from the big city noises soothed Moses' anger. He enjoyed taking care of his wife and building up his own flock.  The bleating of the sheep helped him to sleep better in this new desert home than he ever did in Egypt.  He didn't have to worry about anything here in Midian.  Life became peaceful.

After a while, Zipporah and Moses had a son.  Moses named him Gershom which means: I have been a stranger in a foreign land. 

Every day Moses took care of his family and his sheep.  Sometimes he stood with his eyes closed and listened to the quiet. There weren't any large buildings, taskmasters, marketplaces, or palace to distract him.  One night when sitting with his flock he gazed at the sky.  Stars dotted the blackness above him.  A bug buzzed by his ear and he shooed it away. 

The stars reminded him of the Israelites back in Egypt.  "I wonder how they're doing.  Are the taskmasters hurting them?  Are they hungry and tired?"  Realizing he couldn't do anything to help the people, Moses sighed. 

But while Moses took care of his sheep, the Israelites suffering grew.  He didn't know the pharaoh in Egypt died or that the Israelites had to work harder. 

Each morning the Israelites woke up to new assignments from the taskmasters.  None of the people could keep up. At the end of the day, the Israelites had little time to make supper before collapsing in bed.  Taskmasters beat the people to make them work faster.  The Israelites became tired and their wounds didn't have time to heal.  They couldn't do all the work expected of them.

The Israelites called out to God.  "Please save us.  We cannot endure the hard work any longer."  The men gathered and called out to God.  They brought their families together and called to God to save them from the taskmasters.

God had been waiting for them to ask for help.  He listened to their words.

Sometimes we feel like God doesn't care about our problems.  The Israelites had lived in Egypt a long time before they thought to ask God for help.  The Bible says He heard their groaning and immediately responded.  Even before they started groaning, God knew the answer to their problem.  God sent Moses to a different land to separate him from the Egyptian palace, to give him rest and to prepare him to become the answer to the Israelite's problem. 

Before you even ask for help, God is preparing whatever needs to be done to give you an answer.  It may not be the answer you want, but it will be the best answer.

Why did God send Moses into the desert?  Why did the Israelites wait to ask for God's help?  Did God hear the prayers of the Israelites?  Do you think He hears your prayers?

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