Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Tip #2-Keeping Friends

By Mary Vee

Many of us are back to school today.  Have you opened a book, started a sport, gone to a rehearsal, or had your first sleepover for the year? 

Last week we talked about making friends, it made me think of the words to a song I learned

Make new friends, but keep the old
One is silver and the other's gold.

Adding new friends to your group of old friends will help you have an exciting school year.  No matter what type of school you go to, you can participate in activities that will help your group of friends grow larger. 

Tips to keep old friends and new friends.

1. Compliment your friend.

2.  Ask them if they need help.

3. Send an email, text, or message on facebook with your parent's permission. You could also write them a note.  Be sure that the message is something encouraging. Ask yourself, is Jesus smiling as He reads my message to my friend?

4. Ask your friend to help you.  People like to feel wanted.  Perhaps you could ask help with a math problem or holding something heavy.

5. Offer to play with them at recess.  They may want to play a different game.  Suggest that you play their game today, and the game you like tomorrow.

6. Listen to them when they need to talk.  Sometimes kids are sad and need to say what is bothering them. 

7. Share something with them.  Does your friend need a pencil, some lead, an eraser, or paper?  Can you share with them?  If not today, maybe you could help your friend find someone who has extra.

What other ways can you help kids keep their
new and old friends?

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