Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Tip #4 Celebrating Independence Day

By Mary Vee


Independence Day is celebrated in America on July 4th.

Families from all over the world visiting this blog can celebrate the birth of their country with today's activity.

God tells us in His Word that we should honor our country

Here is a fun family
way to celebrate
 Independence Day:

1. Take a bottle of bubbles and pour evenly into three containers that can be stained.
2. Add four drops of blue food coloring to the first bowl and stir.
3. Add four drops of red food coloring to the second bowl and stir.
4.  The third bowl will represent white and doesn't need food coloring.
5. Take the bowls and the bubble stick outside.
6. If you have a friend available, each person could dip their bubble sticks in the bowls at the same time to blow red, white, and blue bubbles.

Warning, the food coloring could stain clothes, A paint shirt could protect clothing.

If you live in another country,
change the colors in the bowls to
 match your country's flag colors.

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