Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Miniature Ark that Saved a Nation

By Mary Vee
Exodus 2:3

Miriam rolled over and opened her eyes. She stretched then looked around the room.  She found her mom sitting in a corner. "What're you doing?"

Jochabed glanced up from her work and smiled.  "Good morning, Miriam. Come here, I need to tell you something."

Miriam stumbled through her blankets. "What're you making?"

"A special basket."

Miriam touched the pile of bulrushes. "It's big."

"Yes.  It needs to be big." Jochabed finished lacing another row then grabbed more bulrush.

"What're going to use it for?" Miriam picked up a two bulrushes and weaved them together.

Jochabed set the basket down. "You're baby brother is growing big." She took Miriam's hands in hers.

"I know.  He's almost too heavy for me to hold. What does that have to do with the basket?"

"The basket will serve as an ark for your baby brother.  I'll finish the ark today, smear asphalt and pitch on it to keep water out and let it dry tonight."

Miriam tipped her head. "Why does he need an ark?"

"Because--" Jochabed sighed. "Because the guards will find him if we don't. He is too big to hide any more."

Miriam ran to her little brother. "Where's he going?"

"I don't know." Jochabed bit her lower lip.  "We need to trust Yahweh to take him to a safe place."

A tear tripped down Miriam's cheek. "Won't he cry?"

"Maybe. But only at the right time.  His cry will help the right person to notice him."  Jochabed scooped Miriam up in her arms.  "Yahweh will protect your brother.  He has so far, right?"

Miriam wiped her tears.  "Yes."  She sobbed.  "Can I help?"

Jochabed smiled. "Yes, you can help me make the little ark for him today.  Tomorrow, you may watch him from the bulrushes."

Miriam jumped down from her mother's arms and walked to her baby brother.  "I'll take care of you."

Pharaoh ordered all the Israelite baby boys to be killed.  He was afraid they might grow up and become a great army one day.  One baby boy survived. Do you know who it was?  Why didn't the guards find the baby in such a small home?  Who did Jochebed trust to help her? 

God loves you, and wants to help you, too.

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