Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Tip #3 -Mission Trip Part 2

By Mary Vee

What to say on your Make a Missions Trip

Last week we talked about ways you could set up a Missions trip near your home. Now that you've decided where to have your trip, and how you can help someone, what can you tell them about Jesus?

Here are two ideas for you:

1.  You could tell the person you are helping what Jesus has done for you.  Here are ten ideas to get you started:

**Tell them about a time Jesus took care of you and that is why you want to help take care of them.

**Tell them about a time Jesus caused you to smile, and that is why you want to help them smile.

**Tell them about a time Jesus comforted you when you were lonely and that is why you want to be their friend.

**Tell them about a time Jesus gave you food and something to drink and that is why you want to give them food and something to drink.

**Tell them about the special letter (the Bible) Jesus wrote to all of us and that is why you want to write them a special letter.

**Tell them how you know Jesus loves you, and that He loves them too.

**Tell them about a time God helped your family, (by not getting in an accident, sending someone to help with a flat tire, having enough money to buy things you need, not running out of gas before you arrived at the gas station, etc.) and that is why you want to help them.

**Tell them about a time God healed you from a cut or sickness and that is why you want to help them.

**Tell them how singing Jesus songs makes you happy and that is why you want to sing Jesus songs to them.

**Tell them about a time Jesus helped you (find something missing, do a project, remember something, etc) and that is why you want to help them.

Take your time.  The person will enjoy listening to you. Don't worry if you stumble.  The person won't mind, he or she wants to spend time with you.

2.  You could tell them a Bible story you know.  Here are ten suggestions:

     Jesus birthday
     David and Goliath
     Daniel in the Lion's Den
     Gideon and his tiny army win the battle
     Joseph saves the world from starvation
     Elijah and the prophets of Baal
     Peter walking on water
     Paul and his shipwreck
     Jesus feeding the 5000

Or pick your own idea.  Tell the story that is easiest for you to remember.  The person will love to listen to you.  Don't worry if they ask questions you don't know.  Just say you don't know the answer then tell them something else about Jesus.  Maybe, just maybe, you'll be the first person they hear something about Jesus from. Maybe they will ask you to tell them more!  Maybe they won't--they might just think about your words and then ask someone else.  Either've been a missionary. :)

Next week:  Using the wordless book as a tool.

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