Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving to a New Home

By Mary Vee
Genesis 46:30-47:12

"The air smells sweet for the first time since I've been in Egypt."  Joseph turned his head to listen. "There, can you hear them?  I've haven't heard the birds sing like that before."

One of the guards furrowed his brows. "Are you well, my lord?"

"Yes. Yes of course. In fact I'll race you to the palace!" Joseph glanced at the guard's frown, cleared his throat, and resumed walking as a governor of Egypt should.  How can I hold my head regally and keep a serious look on my face when all I want to do is laugh, sing, and dance? He glances back at his father and  the five brothers chosen to go with him before Pharaoh and laughed.

No matter how hard he tried to be serious, his heart leapt, smiles burst on his face, songs rang in his soul, and his feet bounced.  Joseph's memory flashed back to the day before when he rode his chariot over to Goshen and met his father.  He hadn't seen him in over twenty years. He cried. His dad cried. They hugged and laughed, then cried some more.

The doors opened before Joseph as he approached Pharaoh's chamber.

Pharaoh signaled Joseph to approach.  "Ahh, Zaphnath-Paaneah what need have you?"

Joseph forced himself to be serious. He took a deep breath and bowed before Pharaoh. "My father and my brothers have arrived in Goshen.  They brought all their possessions. Here are five of my brothers." Joseph signaled the guard to escort his brothers before Pharaoh.

Pharaoh nodded approval. "What is your occupation?"

"We are shepherds.  The pastures have dried leaving our herds without food. The famine is severe in Canaan.  With your permission, may we live near here in the land of Goshen?"

Pharaoh tipped his head as though thinking.  He turned to Joseph. "Zaphnath-Paaneah, your father and brothers have come to you."  He raised his arms wide. "The land of Egypt is before you. Have your father and brothers live in the best of the land."

The brother's eyebrows jump high.  They looked at Joseph.

They don't believe Pharaoh.  Joseph smiled and nodded to his brothers.

Pharaoh lowered his arms. "If your family chooses Goshen, then they may live there. And if you know any competent men among them, then make them chief herdsmen over my livestock."

Joseph held back a chuckle when his brother's jaws fell open.  He nodded again to let them know Pharaoh was serious.

Joseph bowed again. "My father is here."

Pharaoh signaled approval for Jacob to be presented.  "How old are you?"

Jacob bowed as best he could. "I am 130 years old.  My days have been short compared to my fathers and I've seen many troubling times."

Jacob took a deep breath. "If I may give you a blessing, Pharaoh?"

Pharaoh nodded his approval.

"May the Lord God bring blessings upon you and your family and Egypt."  Jacob's feeble arm fell back to his side.  Joseph ran to his side.

Pharaoh raised his hands. "Go and help your family settle in Goshen making sure they have everything needed."

Many families in the world didn't have food or other things they needed during this time.  Pharaoh didn't let all of them move to Egypt.  Why did he let an old man like Jacob and his sons move there?  Why did he command all their needs to be met?  What had Joseph done that impressed the Pharaoh?

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