Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Bored Tips

By Mary Vee

This week’s I’m bored tip is: Make-a-Camp

Camps are a lot of fun, but sometimes we can’t afford to go. This year, whether you go to camp or not, take a week and “Make-a-Camp”.


1. WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE: What kind of camp will you make? Is it a family camp, a neighborhood camp, a backyard camp, a family room camp, basement camp, or other kind of camp? Decide when and where to have your camp and who to invite. Get permission from parents and you are good to go!

2. SEND INVITATIONS to campers. Even if you plan a family camp, your parents and siblings need an invitation.

3. DECIDE A DAILY SCHEDULE. Camps usually schedule the same thing at the same time every day: eating, singing, resting, activities, and meeting. What time will your camp start? What would you like for the meals (check with your parent to get your menu approved)

4. EAT IN A DIFFERENT PLACE. Eat outside: on the front porch, in the tree house, under a tree, in a tent, or another creative place.

5. SLEEP IN A DIFFERENT PLACE. Get a sleeping bag, or old blankets and sleep in the living room, in the backyard, in a tent, or another creative place.

6. SING A NEW SONG. Ask the campers what songs they know. If you need, have the campers make up a new song.

7. LEARN SOMETHING NEW. What can campers learn at camp? Would you like to learn about bugs, trees, pirates, animals, music, rocks, dinosaurs, ships, cars, princesses, fashion, horses, castles, or do you have another creative idea?

8. PLAY A NEW GAME. Make up the best game ever. Pretend campers are bugs, pirates, sailors on a ship in the high seas, or play hide and seek in a make-believe castle.

9. WRITE A LETTER HOME. Yes, even with your Make-a-Camp, you can write a letter home. Imagine how your family will smile when they find a letter from you telling them about your week at camp.

10. JOURNAL. This will be a very special week full of great memories. Jot down what happens to help your remember

11. TIME WITH GOD. Have campers spend at least ten minutes together learning about God. Each one could tell their favorite Bible story or Bible verse, or something God has done for them. Prayer time could give campers a chance to share needs they have.


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